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The Druid of Centurion

The “A poet in disorder is volume 1 of 10
Of the collection
The Spear of Love is my name
The first paperback edition 2005

Volume 1. A poet in disorder
Volume 2. The Advocate
Volume 3. Die Vierkleur
Volume 4. Exodus
Volume 5. Armed Justice
Volume 6. Schizophrenics
Volume 7. Hooglanders & Laaglanders
Volume 8. Kinderjare
Volume 9. Holism
Volume 10. Creato

(Volumes 2 to 8 are completed and are ready to be edited and published.)

Book Review

PRICE South Africa: R60.00

Excluding Postage



Why a poet, why indeed
Man of merit, Man in need
sowing morals like orchid seed
cultivating their country's masses in need.
History has enlightened the poet's deed
there's always a revolution for the poet's creed
the poet at work never to be seen
all the work is readily quoted
but it's heart rarely seen.


I am raised from the African dust
no matter my culture,
no matter my creed.
I am a soldier
and in my hand is a weapon
they call a pen.
In dark young eyes
I see flames of hope,
in their broken hands
are weapons of doom,
dangling over trembling boots.
How then we call it desperate,
justifiably theorize violence
and then blame any authority?
If we’re really democratic,
we would mother and father our children
and fight our wars with progressive education.
The violent revolution preys on the uneducated,
the poor and the young.
All it has ever achieved
was to infect the international society
with the same horrible pain.
We call for justice,
but democratic Africa,
where are the Bushmen?
For what our children observe
they will do,
maintaining the vicious circle
to start their own.
I can see an African Dream
a dream of peace and prosperity,
a dream of manifestation and stability,
a place of tolerance and love,
a borderless paradise for Man.
Africa, dear Africa,
forget the man with the gun,
forget the woman with the loose tongue.
If their energies were honest
we would have already won.


Can a South African Scotchman really love a South African Hlubi-Woman
 There must be some Hlubi-okhokho ibika that she may believe he can not?
She said ♥

Yebo thandiwe  Inkanyezi there is no such ibika for a Hlubi woman
I see it sometimes by the isizathu you love and ukwenqaba this man
As uNkulunkulu’s ancestral Image we share, He still see His Love in all of Mankind
For like the rebirth of the Phoenix the Holy Spirit forgave Mankind
Since Noah, Abraham, Moses, uJesu, even in the image of Eve and Adam
And now from the very deepest spiritual heart of this man ♥

Yes thandiwe Inkanyezi I really love you as that special woman
No matter your original omen and negativity you may see in this man
Like the great Love uNkulunkulu see in Man
When I first find any despair in you thandiwe
Just one glance from you and I once more fall in love in you all over again
Yebo thandiwe “Naledi” ngi-uthando wena,
I really uthando this woman forever
He lovingly said forever since the day he fell in love

In isandla-inu I place my love, dreams and life
Even when I fall apart by my umphefumulo ukugula or such ukoniwa by others
For you I will rise like the loving Phoenix, forever
As I love and I will always trust in your
Untando-hle na-umusa.
He said
26 March 2011


Poems about the search for individual freedom during transition 1988.

Jarret H Clark, winner of the Golden Poet Award (1989), nominee for International Society of Poets (ISP) 1993, 1994 and 2002.

His work is theistic, about love, mental illness and anti-Apartheid. Some beautiful metaphors of imagery, for example, “Once I knew your flower has opened for me, I will lose this inscribing bee and bring the honey straight to you”.

His work is abstract, for example “Who decides what to feel, pain, love the thought. The Id, Ego in cognition with Superman”. Jarret is passionately committed to advocating for better understanding of mental illness and the anti-Apartheid movement.

This work is definitely worth a read.

By Samantha Marks
(Walk My Way, Issue 2, 2005, page 13)

“I must say this person only reviewed my book and had no personal contact with me when she did this assessment and yet she could still see my true heart in these poems that were written during those dark years. I can only then say these poems were a success, besides the confessions of others who really knew me in person.

I believe in the true individualistic holism of the Creator and His natural body the creation, and accordingly value each person according to their merit. Therefore can I not discriminate against His creation as I will discriminate against Him, but love Him first and then His creation as the greatest commandment”, by Jarret H. Clark.


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