10.            79460994PE

Heed to the call of a Global Constitution
For soldier, police and all state ammunition.
Here they can rise out from small politics
And judge their actions above political abuse.
Here the uniform can be honest
To the people they protect.
Being apolitical does not include
A political inspired culture.
Nor does the one who protect the people
Must leave the State to be apolitical.
But it helps to avoid dead letter boxes
As the political will search your sentiments
To engulf you in their cause.
Or they will spit you out with their threads
When you do not side with them
You must side with the opposition.
For them there is no independent and apolitical position
It is for this cause is the need of the Global Constitution,
Which reflect the Global Court and National Constitution
Where the soldier can measure his or her neutrality.
All against political power play and abuse
As they do not govern but serve the people
Whose constitution they upheld over the colour purple.
With the new constitution can they side to neutrality and the Globe
If governments do not serve all their people.
Yet an apolitical soldier can serve a government of the day
As he or she serves the New Constitution of the day
And will not pass off party political sentiments and powers.