The problem is not pacifism but the bullies and their tools. Pacifism is a civilian’s right but like Field Marshal Jan C. Smuts I was a soldier and we are the international police of peace which bring to justice those individuals, politicians and military leaders which are war criminals. Hence, the bullies who do not play by international laws and standards, some people are just terrorist under the banner of authorities. They think to beat evil they have to become more evil than the devil they know, then who is the devil?

We can not give them free reign as they will twist and justify their actions under the old world, a civilization of the past which only recognizes the strong no matter the whole of mankind or the individuals they have unjustified. Civilization has grown and will still grow and so will the laws of war. We are peacemakers and the lovers of mankind, war is our last resort and we approached it like a policeman and that we do by keeping to the law.

How can we criminalize ourselves and not set an example just to equal the hostile criminals of war in their actions? How can we launch such pre-emptive strikes without a legal and humanitarian value? Do we not by such example set the standard for the opposition and allow justification for their actions? Do not put fear in your enemy but love and understanding of the international court. The tools are another matter. It consists of weapons and methods.

Methods of bullies come from their formative years and are not the psychopathology of psychopathic natural leaders as you bully those you can bully and fear those which can bully you. This action will make a defence force nothing more than a legalized gang. There need to be laws and watchdogs to defend a civilization of methods which should be left in the middle age dungeons. We have grown since then. Some have romanticized war and psychological value of it in their hero worship over the peacemaker whose efforts seem so unrewarding.

The tools of war reflect the nature and values of their designers and operators as the soldier only wants to neutralize his enemy not go to all out to kill him or her in a victorious battle to prove his or her superiority as a sports man or woman over his or her peers. No in war both sides has lost the grace of civilized mankind even when one life has been tortured, maimed or lost.

Our weapons should be designed to neutralize the enemy and educate him or her in a civilized way to contribute to a global civilized society. If you want war rather let the politicians and generals fight amongst themselves, instead of having feasts with their opposition while their subordinates must do the dirty work and die.

The combat of love is a higher nature of man and all the holy men and women have proven the greater victory in saving your enemy and making a friend of him or her. It seems the bullies believe if they have methods and weapons they are not full complete and proven capable without a good fight to test both themselves and their tools. There is always that will to romanticize one as a hero above everybody else and the consequences. The real heroes are those who saved lives and civilization for a greater tomorrow.

I can understand why the Field Marshall had designed the League of Nations and the United Nations in establishing a bill of human rights and an international court. For when you see your first war you have seen enough for a lifetime. As a soldier and peacemaker it is war I fight and not mankind or the individual, war is an evil which will divide ourselves to the last person and then we will war among our neurotic individual self if we can not find another opposition.

It is better to fight a terrorist by separating him or her from the community and recourses, as the community will realize the value to deliver the evil in the courts hands for corrective action, than have one person or a few escalate them in to an unwarranted and unwanted war.

A true soldier will stand up for peace, civilization, law and love of mankind so that the Creator can have mercy on us all. I know what I propose sounds like and an ideal from which we are an long way off but if we do not work to such ideals and values as soldiers, mankind will never be rid of war and will only provide the virtual battle grounds for war even if it is one man or woman terrorism.

The community should face the soldier and keep him or her answerable for their actions and tools or the community must forever face their evil pain as an accomplice to this sin. You can choose to destroy lives or save lives of all of mankind but that choice should be the individual’s and that individual should be answerable for it, they can not shift the blame they have a sound mind to judge from. It is the same mind which is answerable on judgment day and it will only be you and yourself the rest will have to speak for themselves. The fact is how we protect and saved lives which matters. I said previously that I am also soldier and does not condone war or force as long as it is in the equilibrium of the law of love. The following members are all part of Clan Chattan, Mr. Mc Intosh, editor South African Armed Forces, Mr. Mac Phearson, editor Militaria, Mr. Jarret Henry Clark, photojournalist Paratus and Salut.

This is the word of love; no sword is going to get you into heaven but into hell more likely. So the deed of the sword is lesser than the deed of the word in the eyes of the loving Creator. Our animal instincts are easy pleasures but what make us human are our loving deeds. Hence love the Creator above all else, love your neighbour like yourself, which include loving your enemy. His or her hate and sword will kill them in the eyes of the loving Creator.