Now the bugles are silent
There is rust on his sword
And a small band of soldiers
Lay a sleep in the Arms of the Lord.”

Homeward bound is his word
For in armed battle he lost his friends,
But in the word they find consort
As in the end a poet won the war.

The independent soldier answers to the Lord,
He was the first Global Citizen
And he was armed with the poetic word
As an apolitical-party citizen.

Haunted are those of the cloak and dagger
The ghost of the oppressed and dead will find you.
Haunted are those who terrorize
As the Word will memorize
And bring forth a new soldier,
From a new civilization
Who lead by example from the body’s temple
And will only neutralize the evil in Man.

(Words of the Alamo song quoted to the poet by a former green beret to complete a poem from it.)