Once there was a legendary but broken Gentile soldier of love
For he had never had foes nor real love
His hair became grey with each painful day
As he wanders broken by mind and body
Yet he had faith in true love and beauty
Even when his heart did not find rest by night or day
And his hope began to rust and to decay
Then their came snow once again on his birthday
And he had one great and only loving person to share that faithful day
She came to honor him where others did not as an Indian lady
My heart stopped its decay and in love it start to pray
For it does not want command and decide for this lady
But want her to know she would not be less than his wife or sister
For she must follow her own destiny
But to the loving Gentile soldier she became his family as his own
And this lady must know she is never alone
For she no matter her destiny are also family to this family
For she gave the soldiers heart more than rest but the greatest love
Thereby she gave a decaying Gentile soldier the loving wonders of this world
For in her he found a worthy loving woman he was seeking for truth
Because his heart thought that in this world there were no more such women
It is her loving beauty which brought life to his heart and hope for his future
For she is his proof to his heart that at least she existed
And even when her destiny was not to share his fate
Can he now rest in peace and its loving memory
For at least he found such an great woman to love
Even if he remain the rest of his life alone
She will sooth his memories with her loving heart
And he will honor her not less than his family
When ever she decided to be part of it or return to it
For her love brought hope and kept him alive
No matter his greatest achievements
They all pale to her great heart and love
From now she remains his soul mate
And my soul will seek her out beyond all creation
For it will not rest until he as a Gentile can testify her love to the Creator
For she gave this Gentile soldier the loving strength and hope when his was lost.

28 June 2007.