This diplomatic and peacemaking poetic work against war, terrorism and violence is a brain teaser and a challenge to the wise, it covers the fundamental basis of most social sciences, including social psychology, metaphysics and religion. It provides valuable growth to the abstract mind by chosen topics as they can demonstrate satirical and didactic verse. The poet both educate and reveal abstract concepts, as this work is designed to be read sequentially, especially the section “The Creato individual”.

The art work is influenced by the African Renaissance as discussed in statement one and in the first half focused on the conflict between the sovereignty of the state versus the individual’s, as a human right in statement two. In the second half focus the work firstly on the psychological concept before trying to find common denominators in religion, which help to reflect one Unity (the Creator), in statement three.

Although this work was completed before I read the book “HOLISM AND EVOLUTION” by General J.C. Smuts, the work has fundamental similarities as in unity (holism) and his reference to matter, mind and life, as my reference to body, soul and spirit. Another work that played a fundamental role was Carl Jung’s book “UNDISCOVERED SELF” which focuses on individualism and collectivism. It is my understanding that General J.C. Smuts where always searching the truth in both mankind and nature in the order of Melchizedek, the king of Salem but could not found this humble order in political power nor in earthly treasure which escaped him to find a solution for the greater concept of the Creator (the Holistic God where I refer to being a Holistic Theist and my Creator in this work) for Smuts it eluded when drafting the preamble of the United Nations as if there is no Creator.

This preamble by this one united but fragile statue of mankind recognised his and her neighbour as themselves but fail to recognise their Creator firstly above them all as it should by the Gentile order of Melchizedek. For we must realised why first the League of Nations was established and then the United Nations after the Second World War as in the spirit of loving your neighbour as yourself.

The psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl sums up this very reason by his experience up in his work “The Doctor and the Soul in his Introduction, “The gas chambers of Auschwitz were the ultimate consequence of the theory that man is nothing but the product of heredity and environment-or, as the Nazi liked to say, of “Blood and Soil”. I am absolutely convinced that the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Maidanek were ultimately prepared not in some Ministry or other in Berlin, but rather at the desks and lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophers.” When I currently observe my world I see these nihilistic minds at work again all over the world and even in the United Nations who where designed to prevent that very harm to its neighbour. Some due to the cause of time use the fact that evidence are thin in their minds already challenge the fact that these gas chambers ever existed as they would challenge that the Creator ever existed and honest men and women will look onto such wisdom as real and fair. Many think that the Holocaust was only the extermination of the unworthy as the Jews and Gypsies.

But I must warn them they were actually also inline themselves in their ignorance, even Hitler himself did not meet his and his follower’s requirement of their so-called Arian race for neither they had that qualities. For I find that Dr. Viktor E. Frankl who was there and observe it as to who was really amongst the Jews and gypsies who shared their fate in such silence and ignorance. As H e speaks up for them I must do so to for myself and my neighbours in such justice so that those who follow their Nazi like ideals can never say they did not know at the Time of the Final Judgement by the Creator.

 I who self during 1984 who had to face such conflict of segregation and similar retribution by those who themselves raised their voices as to “One Settler One Bullet” I could quote this revealing man from his work “Man’s Search For Meaning, Postscript 1984, The Case for a Tragic Optimism . “If one is not cognizant of this difference and holds that an individual’s value stems only from his present usefulness, then, believe me, one owes it only to personal inconsistency not to plead for euthanasia along the lines of Hitler’s program, that is to say, “mercy” killing of all those who have lost their social usefulness, be it because of old age, incurable illness, mental deterioration, or whatever handicap they may suffer.”

I can see the same minds at work today as even medical professional determine who live and who die according to their health insurances which provide them with a hefty contribution to their work which it self would have place the tool in that professionals hands to save their patient than to exterminate them by their very ethical decision.

I will now depart on my statements as to explain to my fellow Africans my appreciation of one of their historical and cultural leader of their ancient customs, Credo Mutwa who knew my family(From the Coetzee as my mother Martie Coetzee as her maiden name, Minnars and Botha’s as Ryno Botha amoungst the bushmen of Dwaalboom to the Clark’s and Mullers of my farther Fred Clark from Benoni and Johannesburg) with approval and who in his foremost work “Indaba, My Children first published during 1964  and acclaimed by the newspaper Sunday Times as “A work of a genius”.

He revealed in this work values and tribal laws very similar to those in the Koran, Torah and the Old testament as in Levites but the most striking resemblance that usually escape the western mind in its concept of ancestor worship that they worship their ancestors only as go betweens to their Creator and God who they can not directly consult as they would surely die psychical and spiritually while on earth. This seems very similar to all the versions of Moses who revealed the same if any man or women would look onto the Creator and God. Therefore must we realise that Jesus on the cross only said to the other who repented “I will see you in paradise” and not in heaven, and we must consider this fact.

But I must say onto my African brothers and Sisters as to those as in the rest of the world that times and laws have changed amongst us with Our saviour of love in the concept of Jesus as he represent not the Holy Spirit which is the fruit “The Knowledge between Good and Evil” our previous laws and values were based on but Jesus represents that alluding fruit of “The everlasting Life or living water”. If we do not recognise His values and laws we betray Him and His kind thereby as those love your Creator with all you have, including mind, body, spirit and soul first and then second but related all your neighbours as yourself.

Then I must warn you and all my other brothers and sisters that we can only do so by being equal in everything without favour of any kind or retribution as we will break this final and Great Covenant as if you raise a stone, weapon or hand against your neighbour and he or she is in favour of the Creator you have raised such action against your Creator and would find such disfavour as the most wicked.

Then I must caution you not to persist in your ways of favour and retribution as surely other nations would learn from you and use your very method on you when they claim your lands children, women and your slavery under your own laws and customs to discriminate against your neighbour. After all you provided these nations who have such masses an answerer and soothing notion that they are justified and right by your very persecution of others lesser than you but in favour of the Creator and your very evils will serve to haunt you in those times as the Creator will not look onto you in favour as you betrayed Him when betraying those He cared for.

For one side I see the Nazi’s seeking the white and blue eyed “Arian Race’ and now on the other side I see some seeking the “Black Aion Race”, but yet I see the same evil amongst mankind, who will join your discrimination next from the other races but when we test our descendants no matter who we are, eve in our genetics we are all impart of the same races and the same Creator, so how can we with our little difference claim any greater favour before Him.

 I rather remain the Creators faithful but unworthy servant as only He is perfect and non other who persecute me as the Gentile I am amongst you who recognise all my neighbours as equals but only the Creator on that faithful Judgement Day may award me to be worthy as not me or any other lesser than Him could award me such worthiness.

But it seems many other either by themselves or by race or other collective grouping find it fit to decide for them selves who is fair and who is not and that neither of any of my awakening under mankind wherever in this earthy universe nor my version of the African Renaissance, African Dream or UMBUNTU as my version can not distinguish amongst my neighbours on earth or this earthly universe of this imperfect world. I may find some more perfection in other worlds such as paradise and even more in the heavens but the ultimate perfection is only the Creator itself and see me as such an Gentile under the order of Melchizedek, the king of Salem (peace).

May now Credo Mutwa’s country and world of gentiles live and not die. As he know another partner and friend of mine, Johan Beyers, editor of  one of his latest works, it seems in spirit and soul we share the same brotherhood as we share the same gentile friends on earth. (Oak, Mistletoe, Acacia, Cypress and the “Eagle Owl” the Adam the Hottentot’s revelation to Jan Smuts of a greater nation.

The story of an Egyptian army deserting but it seems either true Egyptians being Asians as the Chinese or a deserted Chinese community in Africa who became the Hottentots and was driven South wards to ward off extinction. The Chinese know the Celtic tartan they still have a hereditary drive for it you will see it in their shirts that is mass produced and graves in the Gobi dessert reveal the existence of these people even next to the Chinese. It made me wonder really why the Chinese build their great wall and reason behind it beaus the Romans at the very height of their empire did the same in Britain in the form of the Hadrian’s Wall.

An 80 mile long wall at great cost while that same Romans would take Massada against the Jewish Zealots they could not conquer this little Scottish nation, if we must realised the size, strategy and resources of the Roman armies and naval fleet who crossed only about 40 miles from Europe to Britain to erect such a wall under such determination. This should be the true country of the characters of Asterix and Obelix.

For it is my belief that the Scots lost their greatness as gentiles when we lost our affinity with the perfection and understanding of the Creator and His Creation as the true druids did and with the love of their neighbours as the true clan system reveal that as the Zulu’s the Scots would take anybody in their family who realised their tribal laws. I can not acclaim the Scots as Picts or Celts being the Ma-iti but the Celts was known to sometimes act as mercenaries for the Egyptians as would Phoenicians and others.

“I as a Gentile do not seek superiority for the Zulu nor the Scots but reveal maybe the last of the gentiles that once included all of mankind when they lived under peace with each other as with Jesus’ Greatest Commandment and had circumcised hearts with the perfect Holy Spirit in this great body of the Creator).

I have made a formula to explain this as seen latter of my much extended introduction. Everyone who read this and my further works must realised that this work in particular dates at m deepest pain of lost love, persecution by my enemies and my breakdown of what some call mental illness but with all this ordeal and perseverance of my Creator and His subjects I regain insight and strength in my faith as a Gentile in His Creation.

Therefore must the reader understand the context of this and my other works behind such background and not their own as may of my secrets kept by others are not yet reviled by them but the Creator will one day reveal their secrets and people will then rightfully know me as I am, a gentile, imperfect, unworthy servant of the Creator as featured in Luke 17, 18 and 19 and such loving Gentile to all of my neighbours.

STATEMENT ONE: This art work is based on the concept of the African Renaissance which delves deep into the individual and simultaneously beyond the global context. It serves more than just the African and the Western and Asian civilisation. In this work the African Dream becomes more than an international player, for it is in search of a higher meaning of civilisation than those presented up-to-date.

This dream of individualism which finds itself relative to democracy also project itself towards a new revolution known as the African Renaissance and growth of a global civilisation beyond present concepts and views.

So does the African see him and herself as part of creation and nature, and in the new renaissance does the African see the whole of Mankind as one unit, one family and one civilisation. Where a person’s identity is respected under the philosophy of individualism and simultaneously democratic civilisation is projected with the philosophy of one loving unity. This brings individual freedoms to civilisation as a new dream which does not promote wealth or status above the wealth of equal love.
Therefore is there a deep rooted feeling among African art, religion and culture of love of Mankind as it also wants to find equal respect from other civilisations, since it to can contribute as an equal to a peaceful civilisation. The prominent reason for African conflict and that between most nations and groups are outdated dreams which serve to divide the human family, which have causes that is not from the African’s loving heart.

Therefore is there a need for a new dream, an African Renaissance for all people to establish a new civilisation where the African and others can live in peaceful rest without been driven by a hunger of recognition and breaking the bonds of a second class citizenship. Under the African Dream, the concept of unified love is that all of Man is equal and jointly contributes to the one family called Man. There should not be a third world, only a first and united one.

The African Renaissance is more than Pan Africanism, it is a global evolutionary process, which is not based on ethnicity, race or creed. It serves to reach further than just African unity as it exposes the very root of Man rather than just a region. The diversity of countries such as South Africa and the world are caught in the African Dream and term of UMBUNTU, a Zulu and Xhosa word meaning commonality, equal love and selflessness of people. Which relate to that of one loving unity of all individuals living together in peace in a common civilisation of whose roots we can find beyond regions, race, ethnic groups or creeds as one common people of our forefathers. For we all originally stem from the same stock.

            So does western civilisation philosophy stem from the Egyptian civilisation which influenced the Greek and Roman empires which also is the basis of the present western civilisation. This conceptual civilised revival proves to be an original African influence and an African success which can be achieved through a new African Renaissance in context to that of the former Egyptian civilisation’s impact on the world, such as a united exodus to space. The former ancient civilisation excelled in many fields including building with large stone, the new civilisation builds with love as peacemakers between Man.

To conclude the first statement, is it not what I as an individual wrote which formulate the African Renaissance or Dream, but it is the abstract reality of the people who jointly in the end made it happen. It is a new Genesis of civilisation, as the African individual only shares the idea with others in the world, through common thought and jointly will give global democratic growth to it. The following poems make no particular reference to the African, it is done to emphasise the global context of this work, but the origin is from the African Renaissance.

STATEMENT TWO: This art work in the first part of contend focus on the supreme sovereignty of the individual as part oppose and in dispute with the current view of the status of stateless persons according to the Charter of the United Nations, Chapter XII, Article 78 and Article 77. Where the trusteeship system for stateless persons shall not apply to territories which have become members of  the United Nations, relationship among which shall be based on respect for the principle of sovereign equality.

Sovereign equality in principle is seen as the current territorial state, which history denotes the opportunity to acquire territory and the establishment of a governing body in the form of a state. Hence the recent formation of states, for example Eritrea gaining independence from Ethiopia. The principle of sovereign equality should also then take in account the historical context of territory as the Globe originally was a united territory of individuals before the formulation of so called sovereign territorial states.

And since by birth right individuals should be considered sovereign as citizens of the Creation and will the principle of sovereign equality seem rather bias in its interpretation to exclude any individual from a Global state or a Universal state without their consent or right to choose such civilisation. To presume that the territorial state is supreme directly indicates the formation of territorial reservations or other wise called homelands for the purpose of division between peoples. So can original nations once formed be subdivided or spread between current territorial states.

These reservations which otherwise termed territorial states provided elitism for their nationals at the cost of others on account of a territorial supremacy which have been in justly been acquired from an once universal freedom. Then should it not first be the right of an individual once enlightened to his or her universal right to choose the concept of a territorial state or contest it as the peoples of Eritrea, or as the argument of this work contest the territorial right as an universal freedom.

Such right to choose will in effect have an individual declared stateless until such an individual has indicated to what type of state he or she want to belong, if the situation requires the person to remain stateless then according to the principle of sovereign equality such an individual be placed under the International Trusteeship System as formulated in the Charter of the United Nations, Chapters XI, XII and XIII.

The universal freedom of territory in the principle of individual sovereign equality allows for all historical accounts of territory, evolutionary to those of the theist and atheist to be justly accounted for. Therefore does this art work also have a holistic theist’s point of view in its later half as not to subscribe to any religion, but in its effort try to clarify some universal concepts as there can only be one Creator and one perfection. The reason for subdivision of groups from former territorial states is on account of former nationality, race and creed; they are actually in search of individual freedom, which without Man can only foresee civil unrest, terrorism and war.

To return to the view that the current sovereign territorial state can be considered the formulation of a reservation system as in comparison to the native reservations in the United States of America and elsewhere, such as the former homelands of South Africa. This is clearly an effort to utilise reservations to establish an elite and divided society at the cost of others than to be universally equal. Hence will the term first world and third world clearly define which reservation you find yourself on and how developed you are and on which reservation you are forced to stay as an undesirable by the elite who forcefully use their reservation’s territory as a supreme sovereignty over what once was an universal freedom.

It is not surprising that the original concept of this argument will be avoided or even politically suppressed by these reservations in their effort of so called nation building, yet the only nation we can build is the human nation, what are the other divisions for? Therefore has the art-work reckoned with the formerly mentioned actions by territorial states. This work realised that such territorial states must for a fundamental existence need the democratic approval of most its citizens to install government or such government will not be representative. Therefore is the government dependant on the approval of the individual’s right to vote.

So to effect individual sovereignty the combined use of individuals by only their vote can form the so-called territorial state and cause it to disband or accept the new abstract reality, and is territorial states only a reality as long as they as a reservation can cling to it through a collective means. This is the revolution referred to in this work; it is a peaceful process vested in the human right to choose and is its only action the casting of an individual’s vote or the petitioning by it. In this form can individuals eventually and rightfully achieve their individual sovereignty.

And once acquired can freed individuals regain the right of statelessness for which they now have the right to choose to be placed under the trusteeship system of the current system of states, which by such recognition will the individual by freedom and recognition of individual sovereignty again be recognised by all individuals as not his or her forcefully and assumptiouse inclusion of a territorial state.

In the second statement, the stateless individual will in time achieve his or her state, and they are our guardians from totalitarianism of our conclusion to what a state is or what civilisation should be. For Man to enter into space we need the appropriate state system, may it be territorial, global or any other form as long as it recognise the sovereign equality of the individual, or what may come as a warning, Man will find itself on the reservations of the landlords of earth while the elite once more exploit other frontiers of the creation, and you like in the original “serf” have to scrounge some economical means to purchase your universal freedom from the elite with service, which once was originally yours, just to be allowed on to this new vast territory which in the first place was your inheritance by free birth.

Then why do we give the elite by vote the right to sell us our birth right, if we already have it? They should rather by sharing their elitism in equally and just portions, purchase by us the right to operate in space or other parts of creation. Therefore need higher and holistic states evolve for more perfection towards equality, with the same assistance promoted in the Charter of the United Nations, Chapter XII, and Article 76.

This art work is in remembrance of Field Marshal Jan C. Smuts who drafted the paper which established both the League of Nations and the United Nations. He wrote the preamble of the United Nations and helped with the establishment of charter of this organisation including the Bill of Rights which our current constitutions is based on.

STATEMENT THREE: Part One: I come as the Creator’s servant and maker of peace as under the order of Melchizedek, the king of Salem as I can claim only that of a Gentile, for the lack of a name for a religious position I call myself a holistic theist as such a Gentile. I came to convert nobody, form no religion or to judge which one of you are more rightful. I came as a man whose blood and spirit stands between you and your dispute, if one has touched and spoken to me you have touched and spoken to a brother and son of the Creator. And so will your judgement count before the eyes of the Creator as my actions.

I claim to be nothing more than an ordinary man whose wisdom I share with you. The only truth my wisdom can claim is that there is only one Creation, one Creator and one Truth. That alone will place me amongst the religious. The first common denominator I can find between Man is love, love for the Creator, love for yourself and love for your brothers and sisters. Meaning with brothers and sisters all of Man, past, present and future. I also found that to love the Creator you have to love His creation.

Therefore do I see the concept of love in three parts, the Creator, Man and the Creation. These three parts being one unity will reflect in the rest of my argument, as it formulates three dimensions. These dimensions being the Creation (Nature), Man the ability to have independent cognition and reason (Soul) and the Creator (Spirit). I see also these three concepts as His temple in the body of man, as a single unity, representing all of His creation.

The argument of “in His image” rest with the Spirit, in it we all look the same, as the Spirit is what first was and always will be. But the same can not be accounted for our difference in nature and thoughts. Also termed the difference between our bodies and soul. Creato is my term for Man’s three part concept as Creato refers to mankind the creator as the subject of the Creator. This lesser three part commonality is needed to further bring all religions closer to each other and to understand a holistic point of view.

As in holistic theism perfection and the truth is seen as historically accounted in the scripture of nature, wisdom is the search for truth and perfection and also called the soul, and the Creator is the Spirit in whose image we are formed. Therefore can the Creator in Spirit always be with us and can He manifest Himself in his own creation, in our minds and nature.

It is this three part principle which cautions our judgment and wisdom, as the Creator will judge both the living and the dead, therefore must the living have the soul in common with the deceased as an individuality and reason, and is mortal living merely our chance in nature. Evil is seen as the difference in perfection and truth with the three concepts of the Creator, as evil wants to be its own master. Therefore does evil like a terrorist battle in our soul and must we caution our thoughts, as it will also lead our bodies to express evil.

This work is my preliminary work to my tenth work The Creato Theory of this collection in recognition of my earlier thoughts and experience of mankind I was exposed to in Africa as all its perfection and that of my life must go to the Creator and all its imperfection should be mine as His unworthy servant seeking the truth, love and peace amongst my neighbours only after I paid my first and most highest tribute and respect to the Creator first in the naked truth of His perfection and His creation without the religions of mankind trying to make sense of Him to the detriment of their neighbours with their imperfection as nothing of man or this imperfect world can be perfect without the Creator and its subjects of heaven where they serve Him in such perfection.

Did man troubles not found it self in paradise and this earth as imperfect worlds and is heaven not beyond our trouble and therefore perfect? Then why do Mankind think they are going to be gods at leisure in heaven and not servants to the Creator in heaven? It seams to me mankind have the wrong impression who is the Creator and our role in heaven no matter how perfect we want to make our religion on earth we will both do it so against our neighbour and the Creator.

For if you find yourself so perfect you may cast your first stone on me but if I am a subject and Gentile of this Creator that first stone will be cast onto you the day of His judgement against you as I neither seek to cast a stone on any of my neighbours as an unworthy servant of Him as I can not claim such perfection without the Creator and the God most High’s approval and under the order of Melchizedek, the king of Salem of whom I can only claim to be a gentile.

Creato as discussed in this art work’s latter half reflects the above mentioned incomplete argument for much more can still be said about these few words. The poems only try to find common principles of reason and does not subscribe or try to promote anybody’s religion. Although it may seem I have much Christian influence, which is true, must it also be understood that allowing your point of view to reach me in the future will it also in the future balance my argument. But such information and reason although I seek it, is in your hands.

Once more I came as your brother, not converter, so share with me for I will listen to you and serve you in it, but I am also the servant of the Creator and His judgement, therefore am I already converted and can I not be converted. As it is between me and the Creator and not between me and my brothers and sisters.
The third statement represents also the argument of one unity, equality and one state.

However such perfect state can only be of the Creator. As our image is the same as His image, so should be our hearts, even if we do not look or think alike. The individual choice of civilisation and state will give us religious freedom. I condone no atheist as he or she seeks in nature and the soul, and I hope and pray that they find our spiritual truth. For this universe is vast but not as vast as the Creator.

Yet one man, he or she placed anywhere alone will formulate a religion of some sort, from their temple the body, for He speaks with in or from any part of His creation. We must remember that when we look at a different neighbour and in all our difference we may speak the same words and truth, but the wise will be those that listen and realise it.

Part Two: The Creato Theory has a psychosocial value for both the layman and professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists. The Creato Theory can be linked to Sigmund Freud’s instinct theories such as the libido. The Creato Theory as Freud argued includes not only the libido sexual drive and ego instincts but the whole human conscious and unconscious drives as well. Freud has mentioned instinctive impulses where in my argument I refer to urges, these instinctive impulses travel from the higher or primary executive which is spirit/soul (the element of life mind) to the lower executive the physical mind (matter).

The conception of urges by the higher executive is called the primary emotion and the realization of the urges by the lower executive is done in two parts, secondary emotions and cognition. Freud mentions passive and active instinct impulses and I refer to instinctive and creative urges, which is the way the urges fend for their needs. With the Creato Theory it also searches for the nuclease of intelligence or that basic life element which are our utmost selves.

The element or force of life must be very small as one of the building blocks of fundamental life and matter it self. This is one of the arguments of Field Marshal Jan C. Smuts in his book on Holism and Evolution. For being one of ten persons which Albert Einstein has referred to who completely understand his theory, Jan Smuts pointed out how alive matter is on the quantum physical and atomic level and the relation of matter to the living cell.

This may be true for current development of cloning and gene manipulations, for some intelligence must interpret the genetic code to build that living form. Man’s manipulation of life is not new as farmers in early ages bio-engineered stock and plant life to gain the best results. Genetic manipulation is just a more refine method. Where nature according to Charles Darwin’s natural selection theory created new species, Man now manipulates it to His needs but is still self a biological being and a child of the same nature.

Therefore my argument life manipulates body, matter and other life forms. The art of thinking plays a role here from the physical mind as it is functionally divided as the External Thinking Process, Internal Thinking Process and Sensory Perception. The physical mind may operate chemically and electrically but some form of intelligence must organise it and for that reason do I refer to the higher executive.

Conclusion: The African like many others in the world can in their age old concept of the African Dream and Umbuntu reveal selflessness, a concept for the most basic civilisation. Individualism’s selflessness represents unity and equality in the way we where created, as it also represents the rock and mountain of the Prophet Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. So can selfish individuals been seen as the chaff, as selfishness is by Man’s own doing. The African Renaissance reveals these concepts in relation with the other statements.

The drive to establish individual sovereignty is that the state is not Man’s Creator and can not be idolised by Man, for the state only exists in abstract thought. But its formation of diversified form of unity as in sovereign territorial states, inequality, and its ignorance of individual sovereignty has it self become to resemble the idol’s body and feet of partly iron and baked clay.

The state is not only government but all states of Man must unite, for a state is the psychological government of the individual (home), the government of the community (state) and the government of our views of the Creator (religion). For the state is the status of Man, but the Kingdom is the status of the Creator as I see only one Creator in infinity and we all are in His body.

My formula (A) Holy Spirit the tree with the fruit of Good and Evil and (B) The Lord Jesus the tree with the loving fruit of the ever Lasting Live as in Paradise can only be in the Heavens, Paradise, Earth and all other Creation only in the body or the one and only Creator.

Therefore do I say as a Gentile under the order Melchizedek in recognition to Jesus (possibly even Krishna in Melchizedek's case and the Magi), the Holy Spirit and my Creator, the king of Salem the Priest of the Creator the God the most High that, A+B+(0, for infinity and not nihilistic in the support of the Jewish psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl) = only “0” for infinity of the Creator as everything is in the body of the Creator and can not be without.

Therefore will individualism through the establishing of individual sovereignty, in the future grow as a mountain to test the government, and can any individual through religious freedom attain the benefit of statelessness until our Creator takes command of His kingdom. Such is unity and equality, Man the individual, Man and the Community, and Man and the Creator.

Not until we have unity and equality we will have peace between brothers and sisters, and nor be ready for His kingdom.

The diversified state is merely a dream from which we must awaken, for a dream can never attain perfection but lingers on as long as we share in it, but soon the alarm will be given for the great awakening, first will rise the hearts, then the deeds and finally our success to find perfect unity and equality, as the seals of truth open. It is the academics who brought this world upon us, therefore is the complexity of this work designed to explain in their terms, as a plain idea can easily be twisted in conformance with their policy, which is not my aim.

Sigmund Freud once mentioned that poets are irresponsible people and enjoy the privilege of poetic licence, but poets were the ones who drawn us out of middle and dark ages with their poetic revolutions. Even, Freud in his, New Introductory Lectures of Psychoanalysis, Lecture 31, “The Dissection of the Psychical Personality” revealed that some people could access a world of inner reality which he could not and this world was known to those with the values and morals who have schizophrenia and the similar psychoses. I have originally written this work under such conditions prior to my hospitalisation for my breakdown due to schizophrenia but I found this inner world revealing to share with others.

I refer in some of my poems such as “Poetic” and “The Leprechauns Poem” in my collection “A POET IN DISORDER”, or we will still have the inquisition and burn witches and now may be poets at the stakes. For in my defence I will call on a great psychologist in service of his faith, Abraham Maslow who subscribes more perfection to poets in the imperfection of language of man in the effort to seek perfection with the least words in his work of Motivation and Personality, Chapter 17 Stereotyping Versus True Cognition the section on Language.

This remind me why Luke in the Bible had so little to say and I can only brought forward Luke 17, 18 and 19 to mind and see the word of the true Gentiles in the order of Melchizedek, the king of Salem and that of all other Man recognised by the Creator as I may not discriminate as I will discriminate against the Most High. For as Moses I found that the African faith of worship of their forefathers so that they do so because they can not directly consult their Creator (God) because they will be instantly dead by doing so which indicate to me that they respect the greatness of the Creator and I can not discriminate against them as people under His nature.