It is one dealing with many
equally with love,
as faith is not love
but love is faith,
as prayer is not love
but love is prayer.
So can evil have faith and prayer
but the truly converted have love
and is any moment of equal true love
more than equal to the best of prayers.

As it is easy to be forgiven
it is easy to hate,
so is it difficult to be brave
as it is difficult to truly love.
Therefore is forgiveness as the wind
if it can not grow in love,
it is as pleasing words
with an empty heart.

The physical world is like mother nature
it denotes feminism,
but yet there’s only Man in the spiritual.
So is evil also confined to the creation
as true love is confined to the Creator.
Therefore is individualism of love
higher than that of evil
and by this we will know the Creator
from evil impostors,
as are all individual faiths of true love His.