24.            KNOCK ON THE UN’S DOOR

If your first vote is poor
knock on the UN’s door
send them your vote
to act as your state
on your behalf and estate.

Call yourself a global citizen
as no borders can take hold
of humanity so bold
which loves every citizen
no matter their first vote.

Call on universal representation
from star to space station
as it is for the whole human nation
than one island’s battle station
without a global and universal vote.

Call on to the law of the sea
as far as you can see
the Creator’s spree
of casting His creation’s vote.

Call on to the humanitarian law
as your own son in law
for it will keep you from the claw
which claims it is the law
and keepers of the democratic vote.

Call on to one supreme state,
in service of the Creator’s kingdom,
to keep others from such hate
whose wars constipate
from their divided state,
therefore call on to the first vote.

Call to a supreme constitution
over the divided confusion
of the wicket political pollution
which will claim it is over individualisation
as your power lies in your vote.

Call on to supreme and joint services
which act as the state’s vices
to be under the supreme state
by providing your first vote.