Is the spirit not the centre of the soul
and is the soul not the centre of the body
and is the body not the centre of our society
and is our society not the centre of its reality?

The balance pivots on the individual
which form our balance
as society is no living dual.
Therefore should the individual
be the priority of society
to be able to balance.

In our society do we govern the economy
and social society,
which is limited to our level of civilisation
and the present global nation.

In the individual we govern with the spirit,
be wise with the soul
and with nature rule mind and body
as a social dream to copy.

Therefore depicts the individual reality
and society an abstract reality
of combined minds reasonability
to give life to this formality.

However for sanity, truth and reality
is the abstract not a reality
but a normative dream of sterility
which distorts the individual’s reality.

Therefore is the African dream
society’s corrective reamer
to keep the abstract a civilised reality
focused on the Creato of the individuality.