25.       WHO IS AFRAID?                                                                                                           

Must prophesies not come true,
how can Man give it His hue
to change the course which is true
by avoiding the obvious answer of unity
in Mankind’s divided community?

The evil is in division
as there is only one true position
but the human has the ability
to find the centre and stability
as an enlightening capability
of introspection in to society.

How is this possible
not to ring the contradictory decibel
and still remain sensible?
How can obvious division
ever become one perfection?

Is there not one creation
has it not one perfection,
is Man not an in between
of which we must wean?

In unity lies one answer
of a Creator as master
and those of matter
who can share one answer
as we belong to a perfect Master
who gave us the perfect to master
with a spirit, a soul and matter.

Then why do we divide with matter
as a benediction for the soul
if we can unite in the spirit
as it is equal in the Spirit,
is it not how we master perfection?