(Acrylic-painting on a self prepared canvas from ‘n old T-shirt, 150 mm X 105 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This painting reflect the behaviour of three of Africa’s possible largest origins of its own Bigfoot that of being partly capable to stand on their hind legs but mostly intelligent utilising tools and capable to cleanout your orchard with sign-language from its fruits to harvest well before you had any time even by early dawn.

The Baboon, Chimpanzee and the Gorilla all have its own qualities to contribute their share of the mythical African Bigfoot but having the Neanderthal speaking quite recently may have many African’s currently also  worried if a Bigfoot may be able to talk to them as to first flight from the question of fight for an answer.

That is if they did not die outright from fright-to-flight on the realisation of African Bigfoot statements such as “Your fruit or your life please?”

“Your keys please because you have to much fruit to transport”

“Would you please vacate you home we need it for fruit storage”

“Please leave your computer behind we need it to calculate your next harvest”

“Mind you, you are not such an excellent fruit farmer due to the following complaints”

“Please vacate your orchard and farm we have just claimed ancestral rights”

 “We would please like to vote and enter the fruit party”

But when a modern human hear this last question he or she would portably flighted with the first plane if not with Superman to the next continent to join a sudden booming space-race; “I hope you are not a cannibal may I inspect your bush meat first”

The African Bigfoot serves withal this satirical questions to awaken Africans from their racial and colonial dilemmas of  the first and third world politics to that of an forth and evolutionary world.

We may claim our modern human ancestors and genetic line are from common African ancestors, but beware the day the forth world and force claim that ninety-nine plus (+99%) percentage of genes we share with them and enter with their bill of rights in full speech and voice.

I believe that day in the order of natural evolution’s chapter of natural selection that there would be most consensuses amongst the former constant warring and conflicting modern multiracial and multicultural mankind in a super mega Space-race of pioneering evolution. Those after centuries if not thousands of years of deep evolutionary sleep.

A space–race which would make the first one in the sixties looks like the first modern human that planted the first banana orchard tree next to if it was done next to the “Banana River” at Cape Canaveral, Florida before it may be swamped by another global-warming in a form of a global-warning to escape the evolutionary competition between other hunter-gatherers.

And there will be more than just evolution amongst all mankind there would be the most lovingly peace ever as one such hardworking unity and evolving human specie of the gardeners of space in the Holistic © Universe.