(Oil-painting on art pre-prepared canvas board, 505 mm X 605 mm (canvas size not framed size), 1996, by Jarret H. Clark)

The African Continent in particular as well as the South American Continent are so well placed for conventional space ports and more so space exploration could benefit their impoverished populations the most. It may be possible to utilise earth’s ever moving magnetic poles in their natural magnetic energy.

But claim to airspace and land space may contribute to some difficulties as with conventional space ports. For instance the magnetic North pole is heading to the territories of the Russian Federation at a rate of about 50 km a year and the South Pole should correspond with such movement in Artic.

The Russian Federation has also recently with the aid of remote submarines laid claim to the geological North Pole. The painting BATTLEMANTIS, actually depict the biblical dilemma of the “Tower of Babel”.

While we as conventional mankind are constantly finding “apartheid” indifference with each other as a reason to save guard our political, status, resource privileged, economic, culture and racial backgrounds we will remain divided as such.

If we decipher our genetic material mankind was at some times deemed from one unity of language and culture.

We hade like all other ecologically species our place in nature, we respond to nature as the gardeners of it. Did we not first scavenged and gathered from nature as other species which assist the pollination of flowers and spreading of their seeds.

It may be here we have realized the value and discovered new technologies and started out cultivation and communal civilized life. As our gardening nature developed more technologies was acquired and therefore more developed resources, riches, politics, security systems for claimed lands and property of riches.

These developments have produced modern mankind. Yet if mankind like it or not as “BATTLEMANTIS” project an Evolutionary universe” depicted as the large comet like green circle, and ever evolving development of the future and the natural ecology around the Creation sources depicted as the large red circle.

The chevron rainbow part of the body of the ”Battlemantis” depict the racial and other diversity of mankind, yet forming one body of mankind as it form the body of the geometrical praying mantis.

It is still standing on chequered square to resemble the historical foundation of mankind and its ecological function in nature on earth and future space.

Because mankind can not but survive in its own ecological unit we tern earthly nature we need to recreate the same biological environments in outer space and therefore my coined reference to mankind as the “Gardeners of Space”.

This basic term provide a clear view from a naturalistic point of view to the human ecological function as specie in nature. Many would utilise my biblical reference to stay out of space because it’s heavenly references.

Then they must consider two other biblical instructions, serve the Creator (God) in His Creation (nature) as human (specie and ecological function) above all else, and love they neighbour as they self (reveals that through recognising our qualities and abilities through individualism we could unify as one such specie).

Then we must also realise that outer space and even inner-atomic space are still only “Earth” or from the “Earth world” as depicted in “Genesis” that the real “Heavens” and “Paradise” are beyond the reach of those on earth.

Did Jesus not say to a fellow on the cross who asked His forgiveness, “I will see you in Paradise”? He did not use the term “Heaven” which seemed to a higher order than “Paradise” itself.

Did Jesus not teach selflessness and being subservient?

Did he not rejected the early goods in the desert and rather aspire to the good and sharing with His fellow neighbours?

This reminds me of my former Officer Commanding, Brigadier General Johan Beyers, the Director of the Directorate Public Relations of the Chief of the South African Defence Force at the time I joined his department as a journalist.

We once met inside an entrance and jokingly claimed the guilt of another’s doing, as we concurred that you at least must claim a hundred bad ones before you may claim justifiably a good one.

We still remained friends during our retirement and we have met two days ago when I wrote this description in 2008 and there is still much blame we would claim and carry for others.

The I can recall the firs words I saw in so many youngsters as they are taught to hold on to their early goods at all cost, how many did not say “It is mine” when they want it and when they matured and must take responsibility for the wrong did not say “It is not mine” and pointed to their neighbour for guilt?

Then I can understand the current human complex and diverse civilization as it is built on obscurity to suite them rather than the simpler honest and truth of nature.

The use of the prying mantis as the “Battlemantis” are to resemble mankind’s diverse religious dilemma and finding a global resolve for it as it influences very directly our ability to fulfil our role in natural outer space as the ecological specie and gardeners of space we have became.

I am referring to the terms “Bushman” and “Hottentot” not discriminate or belittle the Koi or San and other related racial groups as I warn them that with this term I actually try to unify mankind as our genetic recourses also reveals and that the “bushman” termed here reflect our human ecological function as before as gardeners and naturalist of nature.

This placed much respect on such natural people than removed it, it also provide another perception to what may be included as being really civilised in our natural function than being uncivilised. For the “bushman” and “Hottentot” made use of the “prying mantis” in their religion to depict divine interactions leading to the Afrikaans term “Hottentotsgod” (Hottentot’s God).

The use of the “battle” in “Battlemantis” actually resemble “war, diversity and conflict” between mankind and the effort to lovingly and selflessness (Umbuntu) unite mankind again. Mankind are nothing other than just one “specie” as an ant specie which have different classes of workers, soldiers, kings and queens to resemble possibly our racial function and differences.

Yet at any time they as ants remain only one specie as they are genetically all still the same. Mankind are in fact such specie which seem to have lost its way and ecological function in nature and through its vast individual diversity turned and found conflict against itself.

Such conflict in natural evolution (selection) and diversity (variation) in a specie in this evolving Holistic © Universe only would provide the doom and extinction to that specie if not its ecology and garden depending on these blind gardeners as army ants turned on themselves to fulfil their task in nature and this universe.

This dark and self destructive force seem to have at some point followed and introduced itself in the minds of mankind and is depicted on such distant figure also on a square in side the porthole (doorway) which reflect still and inner world with a pyramid with a red dot circle above it from which a chequered causeway follows.

The pyramid and red dot sun resembles our views of the tower of Babel and the open spaces in the causeway from which mysterious bodies appear, depicts the worlds of the “real heaven and heavens”.

Finally the flight of the “Battlemantis” into the very source of evolution and creation resembles that mankind again have reconciled into some unity to fulfil its task in the “earthly or earthly world” Creation as our ecological role and original function as gardeners of such space.

We responsible for the survival of our species and our ecological nature as servants of nature as we will never truly be so perfect to realise the true and diverse evolving Holistic © Universe and always remain subservient to it until our function as specie in this nature is fulfilled.

To conclude this is the selfless message of unity, (non apartheid) and action behind this oil-painting of 1996.