(Oil-painting on art pre-prepared canvas board, 410 mm X 310 mm (canvas size not framed size), 1988, by Jarret H. Clark)

This is my first oil painting in the Euro-African geometric style date ting from 1988. The larger owl are protecting a smaller hatching in a developing world depicted by the two passing comets (same effect used in my later painting BATTLEMANTIS) with a planet with rings to provide an interstellar world.

The tree with its fruit and vine with its flowers resembles the natural environment that will always follow intelligent life as its sustaining ecosystem.

The rock with its quartz provide for the different strata in the material and atomic world which act as our foundation. The two spaces provided in black universe with white stars and black start with a white universe depicts my views that we can move faster tan the speed of light, if we move faster we may see more light and slower possibly less.

It also provide for my view of a evolutionary holistic universe, the dark universe depict a decaying and dying one the white universe an evolutionary developing and living one.

It also provides an image for selection between good and evil, as in the dark universe many dark form can be cloaked by it and the white stars only reveal themselves where the opposite is true with the with and light universe. So in judgement when the universal light goes on all the darkness can not hide but than reveal themselves.

At the age of 24 years old I became a member of the South African Institute International Affairs (SAIIA) in 1987, my concerns was not with war or apartheid but rather with technology and developing of mankind as seen with my inters in studying the following report and similar materials as depicted in my painting.

In spirit I also aspired with a world of the time which had a holistic © view of “Pioneering The Space Frontier”.

This was suppose to be “An Exciting Vision of Our Next Fifty Years in Space” As reported by the 1986 “USA National Commission on Space” ordered by the US President Ronald Reagan to have a view what 2035 would look like.

I wrote this description in 2008 still looking back in the economic and moral decay than looking forward in time in the living evolution of mankind.

There was always trouble and poverty in the world even before the new worlds and frontiers where discovered but it seems that always those who cant see pleasure, riches and power in these ventures because it would be beyond their lifetime always exercise their wills than the will of evolving mankind.

With this painting I still explored with the oil paint in texture, colour and shape, because of the limited budget I soon realise oil is an expensive medium and should be used sparingly.

This was also the embryonic stage of my prose and poetry and four collection evolved from this period, “A Poet In Disorder”, “The Advocate”, “Die Vierkleur” and lastly “Exodus” above all remained the most revealing as it indicates an exodus into space.