(Oil-painting on art pre-prepared canvas board, 455 mm X 605 mm (canvas size not framed size), 1996, by Jarret H. Clark)

No individual body including the living cell in the human body or the human individual actually just exists by itself. The cell are divided fro another and the individual human is born from his or her foetus and the human eventually need again to natural procreate and associate with other individuals and nature in its ecosystem as a process of ecology.

This collective world of the Creato Theory enters under the Sociological dimension and provided for in the oil-painting “The Creato Sociological Theory”.

However that the painting itself by description may not be as complex as the oil-painting “The Creato Theory” it yet covers the vast world of sociology, which I would not again cover as a whole thesis in my description.

(But in its linear mathematical theory as “Line Theory” is used in physics it could also as model used to explain even the most complex sociological worlds including those of  communism, socialism and capitalism.

The three circular objects indicate the ever dynamic influences around the individual and mankind, you could also associate it with the political and media word which ever targeting the individual or such sociological groups.

The hand was actually drawn from my own and resembles reaching out in these influences or political worlds to stabilise oneself as an own identity than losing ones identity becoming just a number or insignificant part of society.

This alone provided for the individualistic perception and views in the artist. The real sociological theory is in part only covered again by the geometrical triangles.

The large triangle consisting of four triangles (yellow, red, dark green and light green) if we count the upside down one in the figure resembles the whole sociological domain.

If a person would draw a circle around the outside of the large triangle by joining only the outer three points of the triangle, that circle would as the triangle dynamically expand or contracts would also expand and contract the sociological outer circle as that world of mankind.

The larger triangle has three smaller triangles with yellow, dark green and light green of colour. The top one in “yellow” resembles all “Authority”, the bottom right “dark green” triangle resembles all “Social Groups and Activities” and the third “light green” triangle at the left bottom resembles all “Economic Activities”.

But what makes the Creato Sociological Theory special from the rest is its provision and inclusion of the social individual as a “Whole ©” or “Holistic ©” unit. This part are represented in the upside down “red” triangle in the middle, it are an essential individualistic part to the whole construction of the sociological process.

An individual realises his or her sociological world and is not ignorant or beyond it, but an individualist exerts its individuality to remain such unique and special identity than to be consumed by the collective norm.

The “red” triangle serves to explain why individualism is important for a health society, firstly a sound and health individual which could realise and evolve its “Whole ©” or Holistic ©” self as deemed by its inner drive would not destroy or unnecessary disrupt the group but rather become as very sound and effective part of the sociological group.

If the “red” triangle was taken out of my linear theory drawing as an equation, the other three triangles would only support themselves with their sharp but vulnerable points; any weakness or friction on these points would lead to the implosion of these sociological worlds and therefore reduce such civilization, organizations and social gains.

But if the “red” upside down triangle of individualism was introduced, it would act as a keystone to remove all these weaknesses that may face the whole sociological construction.

But the individual keystone or triangle has other vulnerabilities to its structure and strength which are based on individual sociological and psychological values and structures.

This vulnerability to this triangle or keystone could be symbolised by drawing a circle inside this red triangle joining its three borders, any weakness and the circle would contract in that area and any strength the circle would push the border back to its optimum level.

If we would completely understand my line drawing in “Line Theory” used in physics and such mathematics.

The greater three triangles may expand and leave the individual and keystone behind and therefore produce with that entire advance a great weakness in its centre and therefore as a sociological aspirant model vulnerable at the core.

In its expansion this model also indicates the need to expand the individual needs and individualistic relationship with the expansion of the greater sociological model.

The upside-down red triangle also has three distinct individualistic areas of sociological reference, but that reference follows in the opposite direction of the greater triangles.

The top right red point resembles “Self-worth” – over the “Economic triangle”.

The top left red point depicts “Dignity” – over the “Social triangle”.

The bottom red point resembles “Self-determination” – over the “Authority triangle”.

To conclude by saying that we in our sociological models before failed to realize the real impact and relationship of individualism in sociology and in this linear model individualism points to sociology that it is the very “keystone” to its long-lasting success.
Therefore when making groups or people all equal we reduce their individuality to fit that norm but when we realises the attributes and individual qualities of those individuals in our sociological model these individuals and minority groups then can see all value and contribution in the greater model and many conflict and confusion could have been spared.

It is not just a sociological question to make all individuals equal and parts in the sociological process but a whole keystone of dynamics around all minorities and individuals to make a sound sociological model by this linear and possible mathematical “Line Theoretical” model.

It makes as with quantum psychics it possible for equations when its dynamics are properly conceived by all relevant parties. But definitely more advance that many modern mathematical statistical models even the “Game Theory”.