(Oil-painting on art pre-prepared canvas board, 505 mm X 605 mm (canvas size not framed size), 1996, by Jarret H. Clark)

This geometrical oil-painting actually consist as visual icon being a near complete fundamental formula to quickly guide me through my Creato Theory’s individualistic and psychological sections. This original painting was just for my home and reference possibly also to feature in copies in some of my later document or books as similar reference.

Yet I will only briefly explain it rather intricate section or parts that in the painting for one Whole © or holistic © unit resembling the human individual or any creative individual. The term “Creato” is derived from the word “Creator” but mankind being a lesser and subservient form I coined the term “Creato”.

The fundamental postulate of the Creato Theory are as follows; “The Creator (God of Nature) who created the being (Mankind or Intelligence) which then evolve by creating itself.

The Creato Theory is hence more than just a psychological approach but its closed association would be the work “Holism and Evolution” by General Jan C. Smuts., particular the holistic human personality and character which feature in this scientific work.

People must not confuse my reference to General Smut’s work of it being my fundamental influence.

The Creato Theory developed during the early 1980’s and the painting itself was completed 1996, almost eight year before I first ever read through “Holism and Evolution”.

Therefore can the Creato Theory stand in its own right and fault, but it association to Holism © is not an accident as holism itself explain, it also explain the human nature of creation and evolution to become its next “Whole ©”.

The Creato Theory in its very essence focus on the intelligence and its life force which brought about this creation or drive that form such a “whole ©” being, individual or the human specie as a body itself.
But the Creato Theory is even more; it investigates the very “Spirit” of the inner worlds of mankind and intelligent life which are depicted in the top purple zone with its circular area.

The blue zone reveals the current world of our physics in neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology but the purple transcends totally beyond the somatical world in the true Holistic © sense as explained in the original work “Holism and Evolution” first published 1926.

The Creato Theory also investigates the very inner instinctive drive of intelligence and its relationship far beyond the somatical and biological body with its brain.

In true “Holism ©” or Holistic © thought of Matter, Life, and Mind its first departure reflects such intelligence in the very sub atomic particles as such Wholes ©, it then transcends to the macular and crystal systems which again transcends to the Living Cell and eventually to the Human Being to finish with the Holistic Universe.

Then would my purple area (zone) denote in true Holism © all the intelligent Wholes © not included by modern understanding of intelligence and those we understandably observe to a point in the blue area (zone).

To explain briefly the blue area (zone) may in the end be nothing as a somatical and biological body be more than a Terminal but more like a Personal Computer (P.C.) which reveals our own inner “SOUL”,

Which are again linked to a Higher Order of Creative Intelligence such as a Mainframe Super Computer which house our “SPIRIT” (Domain of own identity in the mainframe) which then itself are influenced by the inner drive or instinct that we may term “Holy Spirit”.

Then I think my purple area (zone) is now aptly explained in relation to the blue and larger area (zone) of modern understanding.

The purple zone focuses on what intelligence source tells the sub atomically bodies to perform their tasks until they become the livings cell and what intelligent source reads all the generic code to develop this one cell through its complicated divisions in to all the human body-parts and faculties,

To produce the very intelligent human being as what the blue zone only study. In relation to my description of the Creato Theory, can it be no other than much more Holistic © than any other known theory.

The previous explanation then can argue that the Creato Theory have its own identity and importance between the leading theories to be studied and explained as such  a Holistic © theory.

Likewise to “Holism ©” the Creato Theory does not only focus on mankind itself but any such intelligent specie or force in the universe.

First the painting “THE CREATO THEORY” form two distinct zones, the purple zone with its circular part resembles the inner spiritual zone as what “Holism ©” would term the zone of the inner instinct (Holy Spirit) or drive.

This may also be associated with what Sigmund Freud originally referred to as his “depth” in deep psychoanalysis, which so few later dare to follow and so many ignored and rejected.

To explain this special “depth”, Freud in his second new introduction to psychoanalysis made serious reference that he as psychiatrist could only access half of reality and the world but his psychotic patients if they could reveal their insight and experience could revel to him the other side or half of the world that is beyond him.

This is “depth” zone is resembled in purple and must not be confused with the other objects presented by Freud for the unconscious or conscious.

The purple zone is specific in “depth” and not general as many averaged Freud’s psychoanalytical work to their and the empirical benefit while not even realising how they could perceive and abstract thought right today and then tomorrow the same abstract thought beyond empirical sense wrong and another right in its place.

The blue zone housing the triangular part resembles mostly what we currently focuses on with all our science, psychology, medicine and biological physics. It resembles the pure somatically relationship of the creative and intelligent individual or living force.

He triangle is broken into three parts, the top represent my section called “The Internal Thinking Process (ITP- similar to Freud’s unconscious)”, the right “The External Thinking Process (ETP- similar to Freud’s conscious)” and the left “The Sensory of Perception (SP- includes all the five empirical senses and a sixth it argues being the perception of REALISATION and its associated URGES)”.

The two parts of the perceived “realisation” , first the passive realization from the Sensory of Perception and second the active “realisation” from the External thinking Process, both are indicated by the sperm like objects leading to the top of the circular form.

These germ-cells (sperm) changes colour at the border between the circular and triangular worlds to indicate the different worlds. In a simpler form the Creato Theory looks very similar to the Egyptian Ankh and an unknown Phoenician geometric design tiled in an old ruins at Carthage in Tunisia.

The Creato version is a circle drawn with a triangle below and to indicate the border a short line is drawn.

The “germ-cells indicate the various realisations or packets of information which reaches the deeper inner or spiritual worlds the individual psyche are made up from.

The eye like figure on top circle where the “germ-cells” enter, acts as the spiritual receptor.

But the eye is one of three such objects, the other two in their own sections face down in equal proportions, each individual bottom eye again send little arrows “Urges” down to my “Internal Thinking Process”.

The left eye and arrows resemble basic instinct with an immediate time factor and the right eye resembles my creative factor and has an ever evolving time factor.

In the middle of the circle which houses the three sectors and eyes are red circular objects which actually have two red circular zones.

The larger outer zone represents the human or intelligent spirit and the inner red circular zone represents the “Holy Spirit”, inner drive or inner instinct.

The Internal Thinking Process (ITP) could be compared to the complete biological and somatical brain and nervous system as its unconscious function.

The External Thinking Process (ETP) could be associated to the somatical conscious and reasoning function as neurologist sees it and the Sensory of Perception (SP), I have briefly explained before.

It is no need to explain a whole book or thesis in this description, but this description would reveal how important this painting is to my work and development of my Creato Theory.

To other it may seem no more than a geometrical apple eaten by Adam and Eve, but to me it serves as an intricate formula to explain human perception, realisation and reasoning.