(Acrylic-painting on a self prepared canvas from ‘n old T-shirt, 60 mm X 85 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

I first purchased this little photo-picture frame at a discount to experiment if I could paint geometrically inside such a small frame.

The frame was prepared with an old T-shirt in place of the original photograph to act as a canvas. The frame was the placed over the canvas and its footprint was drawn out to reveal the actual area available for painting.

At this stage I only thought of some water feature, but viewing the composition of the three dolphin figures on the frame made me feel to compose the image of another dolphin but in my geometric style to complete the whole image.

While wondering where to find a suitable presentation or picture of a dolphin I could use for my drawing a Jewish friend who also suffered from another type of mental illness came to visit with his little daughter.

Because I rarely ever watch television but his daughter wanted something to keep her busy I switch the television on and select a station that she felt comfortable with. It was just with your visitors settling in to reward you with their company that the television channel switches their programme to that of dolphins.

Ever accommodate visitors with a camera in your face while explaining your peculiar behaviour, I did and this small painting is the result of it.

But I must lastly mention that this painting was most challenging in painting geometrical objects of this figure under a large eyeglass fitted to a lamp and keeping all my bodily parts stable with my number naught (0/10) paint brush to just-just succeed.

I had to explain to an other very qualified artist later who advised me to paint even smaller geometric designs because my geometric part are all nearly equal that she must first view these actual paintings as to their real size and that they actually painted in experimenting figures for later more conventional paintings.

But her advice is always welcome, I just had in mind the very limits I was dealing with and then still have to resort to some kind of “Nanotechnology” painting had me more worried than my human figure before.