(Fairy Garden Lamp, 650 mm diameter and height 1030 mm, 2006, by Jarret H. Clark)

This multimedia art work in the form of a fair garden and lamp was made from silk flowers, insects, birds, wood, and an ostrich egg which contain my electronic circuitry for my three light emitting diodes inserted in some flowers to provide light without burning the material.

The egg are fixt to a ceramic pots filled with glass beads to represent water, there is a 12 volt light inside one of the ceramic pots and the electrical cord are decorated with wooden beads which was burned with a soldering-iron to write a message about metal health in an ancient African picture related language.

The fundamental international message reveal that mental illness is not just an mental illness but equally when conquered a fundamental blessing and asset which are as old as human creation and should follow our future into the stars.

The original idea about this lamp and others like it was not to sell it but rather hire it out and rotating it from various premises on a regular basis to provide change and specialized maintenance by the artist who knows his own work’s construction, parts and circuitry.

Rentals may not provide the same initial income as sales but rentals over a long period could be a better asset in that it would always serve to render income over long periods and could be maintained by other people on the artist behalf if he becomes unable to do so or create art due to age or disability. This type of art and rental scheme is still under development.