(Acrylic-painting on pre-prepared art canvas board, 225 mm X 300 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This painting is different from my geometric style and was an experiment to search for also a more conventional style which resembles oil-painting with the use of the least acrylic to stretch it for economic benefit as well as not to lose any presentation.

The Hint of Man title was used as the painting at stages present human activity without the human figure, at this stage of my painting before the paintings “The Ma-iti” and “Holism and Evolution” which followed.

At this stage I still had no idea I could master the human figure in drawing or painting because I never had any formal art training either in art drawing or painting of three-dimensional figures.

For this reason not to make the painting which was drawn and painted surrealistically from my imagination not to distorted by what was then feared as a totally distorted human form or forms.

The sky resembles the sunrise and a fisherman in the fore ground between the bulrushes, the watermill and wheel are quite before any daily activities.

The distant hills show partly pasture land with flowers and partly cultivated land. Different trees were developed to test different self-taught styles to paint trees.

The surrealistic picture and drawing was made years ago but never painted, therefore may my image search for tranquillity and calm during a much more stormy time at the height of my illness.