(Acrylic-painting on Brazilian ceramic tile number two, 300 mm X 300 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

I have explained the reason behind this 36 tile paintings of the “African Legend Collection” with my introductory tile painting number one “The Peace Carpet”.

The message on this tile could be found in General Jan C. Smut’s scientific book also titled “Holism and Evolution” first published 1926 and explain the coined term by him Holism and the role of evolution.

This painting reflect the evolution of mankind from a compassion point of view rather than just depicting an Adam and Eve where Eve is providing Adam with the doomed fruit.

These image actual provides an act of compassion from our earliest ancestors which are further reinforced by one of Darwin’s triumphs to find an intermediate animal.

The Archaeopteryx was an intermediate reptile to bird specie which I then provided the colours of male and female and feeding on other reptiles such snakes to provide a more biblical feeling as well as that of the African mythical bird of light feeding on the serpent of evil.

My message with good and evil is actually directed against natural harm and in favour of natural loving compassion found in humans.

The rest of the painting contains geometrical symbolism of all sorts and kinds to actually introduce European and other such geometric forms of all ages to integrate with the former African geometric design and this tile then also act to further my introduction to my geometric design.

The are more symbolism and such equations on the tile and at the bottom of the tilt which briefly attempts to explain my Holistic © GUT (Grand Unification Theory) of combining the electromagnetic dimension with that of the sub-atomic and quantum dimension.

It attempts to explain that our current universe is more than just an expanding and contracting universe, but that it is a more dynamically evolutionary universe only part of a greater such evolutionary universe in the form of a spiral.

Where many more things are possible such as smaller than our perceived small and larger than our perceived large, that antiparticles are actually particles charged by electromagnetic forces when they enter different electromagnetic dimensions or universes.

And that it therefore should be possible to travel faster and slower than the speed of light if we consider outer space as a massive ocean with two types of currents and by utilising these currents effectively with our added energy we ma succeed to do so as ancient sailors utilised similar ocean currents and trade winds.

The sunflower provides a natural source of how Einstein’s hyperbolic and curved atomic universe could interact with another similar or opposed hyperbolic cured universe of the electromagnetic dimension to chain link such bodies and universe with each other.

The current understanding of Space-Time may have more complications with his theory and other known natural phenomena that revealed how it could affect the human observer when it is situated on earth or in different parts of this presented cosmic ocean.

To just explain two such complications, to bend and accelerate particles on earthbound particle accelerators not gravity are utilised with electromagnetic forces.

While Einstein under others claimed light have a constant speed in their “void” as on earth and most probably the electromagnetic field of our star the sun but never realised that void was not really empty but full of electromagnetic forces.

Say we have a void as Einstein originally utilised on Earth and we introduced a sealed compass inside that void we would certainly still find that compass finding its North seeking pole.

This would indicate that the void have electromagnetic currents still inside it and compare the use of electromagnetic particle accelerators in the equation and that void is suddenly full of “Ether” and energy.

Another factor on a recent experiment to be introduced in a particle accelerator of about 27 kilometres in Germany to apparently find the “God particle” as one atheistic scientist calls it.

Which as they claim the accelerator would send particles around near 99, 9 % (per cent) of the speed of light electromagnetically did those same scientist the by any chance ever consider the other gravitational and kinetic forces affecting their very speeds of their experiments.

First they must consider that they as observers are not standing on the total resting point in the middle of their Big-bang universe from where the actual speed of light should have been measured but actually standing on a highly speeding projectile of a planet.

Which although orbiting the Sun which is orbiting the Galaxy which is moving away from other galaxies and the apparent middle of the Big-bang.

When those gravitational and kinetic speeds are introduced at a certain point of their circular accelerator on a spinning earth and as well as introducing the electromagnetic effects of both the Big-bang, galaxy, solar system and earth in their experiment they may found that their particles at that point actually exceeded the speed of light in compassion to the dead rest of the centre of their so-called Big-Bang universe.

Another complicating factor of electromagnetic forces which also influence the perception of time by the human observer and its empirical senses and most probably other electromagnetic devices are the fact of major solar flares or storms.

When such storm or storms reach their height they not only succeed in closing down power stations on earth but also succeed to influence the perception of time in the human. That is the reason there are more road accidents for instance during solar flares and storms when they are present.

The final message is that mankind must be wary to think the world and the universe turn around itself, its empirical senses and its observer location, because just close by in an other position and we would have discovered a whole other universe if not dimension.

Yet because we only made  peace with just the Big-bang theory  and no other there are no urgency or reason to explore further as we may have made the same mistake as thinking earth as we see it is flat, the universe revolve around the earth and then the universe revolve around our solar system.

These facts pointing to with the Big-bang theory may provide examples to the human scientist to be careful in your future where you place your observer and how you are focused in your measuring,

Or you will only see what you wanted to see because of fear of ridicule and conservative persecutory views by other experts who more dictate science, while remaining totally blind to other dimensions and worlds to find rather favour by humans dictating science than natural science itself.

To conclude must we similarly become scientifically weary what we may find bizarre or abnormal behaviour in human beings and then term it a mental illness such as schizophrenia.

For the very nature of what is thought of schizophrenia may be more than an dilapidating illness on one hand and one of mankind’s greatest blessings and assets on the other, to just treat and remove it as an illness would also remove that blessing.

To provide insight I must reveal that it is not only professor John Nash who recently received the Noble Prize for his scientific mathematical theory known as the “Game Theory” under some of his greatest and from which the film “A Beautiful Mind” was made.

Since Professor Nash two other professors received such scientific Noble Awards and also had schizophrenia.

Isaac Newton suffered apparently from it and possibly even Einstein because he sometimes had rather bizarre spells and his one son was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Even some of the renaissance greats possible shared the same fate as already know with Michelangelo but Leonardo da Vinci seeing bloody battles in ash, wood grain and paint dust would have made an interesting surrealistic subject in the current world dominating Rorschach test.

A British psychiatrist recently revealed in his leading book “The Madness of Adam + Eve; how schizophrenia shaped humanity” reveal the same facts and so did a similar US psychiatrist in his work “Extraordinary People” which also found the Savant Syndrome under the highly intelligent children with schizophrenia but at a much lesser ratio.

It is also recently found that the schizophrenia linked genetics and that of highly intelligent people are shared to just consider schizophrenia as an illness without counting our blessings.

This would leave even the superhuman psychiatrist and psychologist still by normal behaviour and not the abnormal behaviour of schizophrenia possibly with their Rorschach still swinging happily from the trees like an unshaved and clothed Tarzan in all such perceived collective normality of their perception and tests.

To end people with schizophrenia are rarely and by ratio far less likely to be violent to so-called normal people they actually are more paranoid, catatonic and socially withdrawn in their imagination seeking out worlds if not those produced by their psychosis.

Yet they are people with high principles and values who have disregarded the external world for that of the internal world which may be no less disturbing but yet most people with schizophrenia have more compassion for life and their neighbours than they receive in return from those very neighbours.

(Note: The Holistic © GUT theory in a more complete explanation was forwarded to various parties including the National Geographic Society which responded to my submission.)