(Oil-painting on art pre-prepared canvas board, 505 mm X 605 mm (canvas size not framed size), 1998, by Jarret H. Clark)

There is not much description except to reveal the owl image it portrays and that this image of the owl portrays and MacKinnon’s Eagle Owl chick I have raised as a youngster in Kempton Park, it was done because we were rather illegal novice in falconing but when a new suburb was proclaimed and developed and its building activities threatened this chick I raised it instead.

We called the owl “Big Dada”, most probably because Idi Amin also known as “Big Dada”, then president of Uganda crowned himself while wearing a kilt and my farther was of Scottish decent.

Not that Scots are racist or any other original Celtic culture of Europe which by itself was multiracial but the necessity by abiding to such Celtic traditions and cultures and Mr. Amin seemed rather much Hayward.

And my farther seem to have this subtle humour as my mother wanted me to have her father’s names “Gerrit Hendrik” and I ended up quite happily with the Scottish and Celtic version “Jarret Henry”.

But I and my little brother use to call my farther “Dada” and mother “Nana” and I presume Mr. Amin’s “Dada” in South Africa gave my farther some trouble in the community.

To return to the owl, it final acceptance of me and my family as its own, even when we try to gave it its freedom and let it go it would better any cat on its flightful and thoroughly dedicated return to what it considered its family.

My parents eventually fearing great retribution from nature conservation eventually gave the owl as I understand to the nature conservation officer at Pretoria Zoological Gardens for further care.

So in return to such love and dedication by this eagle-owl I adopted as my own family too and have done so to use it as my organisational and family crest.