(Oil-painting on art pre-prepared canvas board, 505 mm X 605 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This oil-painting reveals a basic road sign warning image of a male ostrich during mating season with its pink feet.

The painting celebrated the 2008, National Small Karoo Art Festival called in Afrikaans “Die Nasionale Klien Karoo Kunste Fees (N.K.K.K.)” held jointly at Oudshoorn and De Rust where my mother lived as it was painted during this period.

The quarter Moon is throwing water as my grand parents would say to indicating by it is time to plant certain type of plants.

The ostrich is enlighten by an early pinkish dawn, while any shadows except those on the Moon are omitted to provide a clear and crisp geometrical design with the conventional design with out complicating it with conventional shadows over geometrical areas as well as geometrical shadows over conventional areas.

The diamond shaped nest houses six ostrich eggs which the male ostrich protects by warding of or trampling any offender which would dare to trespass near it.

The nest was scratched by various items to provide a conventional nesting look in yet a geometrical area.

There were experimented in various ways with the wet paint to individualise most of the eggs.

The with the green field another technique was utilise, that of placing the different pain I would mix straight on the canvas itself will mixing it later and after painting the first basic images the scratching technique was utilised to enhance the painting technique, thereby revealing those distinct yellow to orange in the scratch marks.

The conventional rule of the straight-line borders in my geometric design was broken at strategic places to provide liberty to the flowing eye and to provide more life to the rather road sign like design.

This was another experimental painting in which I first utilised the scratching technique in my paintings to view its useful effects and possibilities.