(Vinyl records multimedia, the NP Rubicon Speech of 1987, 800 mm X 550 mm, 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This unintentional original artwork came to light when I rediscovered an old political record of the Rubicon speech of President P.W. Botha from the National Party issued before a national election during 1987.

It was after this period where this president fell from grace and was replaced President F.W. de Klerk who transformed the former Apartheid government to politically include all racial groups in one government in South Africa.

Both President de Klerk and his follower President Nelson Mandela for this peaceful transformation received the Noble Peace Award.

By discovering this political record, I then collected my only three other such seven-singles to find that all their topics when arranged added to a humorous combination which I then rearranged and fitted to available materials to produce this unusual but humorous multimedia art piece.

The woven baskets and reed framework provide an all African feeling and mood from all united races and cultures to this message.

The record topics are listed in order below and briefly explained for their relevancy;

            RECORD ONE: Titled “Election 6 May 1987, personal message from P.W. Botha – Listen to the voice of reason.”
            (President Botha was the last South African president to endorse apartheid and was reasoning for this principle and way of life.)

            RECORD TWO: Titled “Swingin’ On Broadway” by the Jonah Jones Quartet
            a.            Baubles, bangles and beads
            b.            The party’s over
            (The first song title could relate to Apartheids war toys “baubles”, its arrests “bangles” and prayers for peace “beads” as counting rosemary beads. The second             song title relates being literally true as the National Party no longer exists and was disbanded.)

            RECORD THREE: Titled “Yellow Submarine” by Lennon and McCarthy as Pinky and Perky.
      (The title relates to President Piet W. Botha was politically as ‘Piet krokodil’ translated as ‘Piet Crocodile’ as submarine relates to the actions of a crocodile       whish suddenly appears and leaves its victims traceless as the security police.)

      RECORD FOUR: Titled “IF” by Telly Savalas
      (This tile relates to a song who’s words  “I don’t believe in if anymore” based on a person going to war, dedicated his services by doing it right and became a hero       over night but later the song reveals the tragedies of war.

            The songs words “survive to see the sight a friend now greeting foe - You won’t believe in if any more – If is an illusion – If is for children building daydreams – If I knew then what I know now – I will take the sunshine and leave the rain – If Lord if only,” finally reveals the waste of war between mankind over political ideals than just basic humanity.

            Therefore I may conclude by add these words - “No soldier can be a greater hero with bloodshed and suffering than a civilian or diplomatic peacemaker without violence, they will thereby always save more lives, blood, souls and misery.” –  By Mr. Jarret Henry Clark on Freedom day, Sunday, 27 April 2008.