(Acrylic-painting on Brazilian ceramic tile, 300 mm X 300 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This painting on tile number three enforces my views and arguments of tile number two “Holism and Evolution” from the 36 tile “African legend Collection”, but it also serve to introduce my Euro-African geometric style.

To make provision for it I made a similar border on its right side with more symbolic figures and equations and the snail in this case are also painted more realistically than geometric to introduce these two different worlds.

The rattlesnake serves to provide my evolutionary dilemma for mankind as we on top of our food chain have relaxed and became rather enforcing our dormancy of any evolution than that serving our own perceived needs of pleasure and temptation.

Since we for see no competition and would suppress any evolutionary competition of other species around us we became very vulnerable to evolution in worlds stretching beyond our control and vulnerable to our own weaknesses which cause such disasters as wars, famine, poverty, illness, crime, toxic waste and other natural consequences such as floods, radiation, ozone depletion, space junk and global warming.

We as humans as this tile painting is aptly titled “Time is not in the Observers hands” must awaken from our evolutionary dormant hibernation and speedily seek to evolve as intended in our Holistic © Universe.

As the ants which work cleaning the soil we as human seem to be the guardians of our natural world we could not live without and as such guardians we must as all other species spread and protect ourselves from such extermination.

It would take a rather small comet of barely a few kilometres in diameter to extinguish human life as we know it and a little bigger one to do the same to almost all of life and slightly larger and earth may break-up un to an asteroid belt around the sun with the remaining Moon taking the lead being the largest planet.

Our Universe is constantly evolving and changing and mankind needs to evolve in relationship to its evolutionary rhythm or as natural selection dictates adapt or go extinct.

Yet evolution is not just that simple as many scientists perceive natural selection of the environment have nothing or little to doe with the “variation” of the inner instinctive drive which equally drives the evolution of all species.

But it seems if mankind with the event of the mind and consciousness lost trace of this original and importantly fundamental unconscious inner evolutionary instinct possibly to our detriment if not extermination.

The rattlesnake symbolises how our evolutionary Space-time clock may be running out and we as the stationary frog, worm and chameleon would eventually have to remain very still as specie in the Holistic universe or we will be preyed on to extinction by species which evolved and become more dominant.

Those species if they are also gardeners and promoter of their own nature would build as the ants their own worlds while mankind is hibernating and have that advantage over us in surviving in real Space-time.

Otherwise from an artist perspective I utilised the experience of the painting titled “Sparrow over tortoise” dark background to an effect with this painting but introducing a more realistic and non geometric background to allow for the eyes to accustom to my geometric designs that may seek the same artistic features as playing in my geometric paintings with the shadows of Rembrandt.

The rather original circular star in my painting depict its role of playing the Sun or Moon but also signify the greater compassion of evolution and that of our nature and other species supporting our worlds in Space-Time of the future.

Some of these species must really annoy and threaten even our survival but when we have to resort to facing other hostile natural worlds we may find that we have to resort to our own natural species to protect and guide us.

Professor Steven Hawkins is quite right if you see a very placid and friendly alien do not just walk up to it as its natural world may contain other more harmful species to us that is why we quarantine living forms when we move from one geological area to another.

But the human specie should bestow more understanding to its own evolutionary role in this Holistic © universe as well as its role in supporting the evolution of all the species around as this ecological systems matures in the different evolutionary “Wholes ©” they would serve their duty in our natural worlds in the future.

We should ask one strange question from aerial photographs in North and South America as well as elsewhere on earth such as Britain reveal giant figures of leading species, such as birds, ants, spiders, horses on earth including the human figures as the weapon wielding “Cerne Giant” and near human form as the “Owl-man” on the South American Peruvian Nazca plain.

I can understand one culture using it but so wide spread in use reveals more argument to my theory that ancient mankind either felt like I do and made those figures to ward off any aliens which had ideas of colonising earth by warning them with these figures as such gods or not.

But the reverse could also be true that other advanced species from another world left their trace marked in figures to warn future colonies and other such species of possible advanced evolutionary species to be on the lookout for in the future if they find themselves in this area of space.

I this is the case that those species did not colonised and harmed our nature to their advantage would again point to the general moral and laws of compassion in Space-Time of the Holistic © Universe.