No soldier can be a greater hero with bloodshed and suffering than a civilian or diplomatic peacemaker without violence, they will thereby always save more lives, blood, souls and misery.” – By Mr. Jarret Henry Clark on Freedom day, Sunday, 27 April 2008.

(Acrylic-painting on Brazilian ceramic tile number One, 300 mm X 300 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This painting act as an introduction of my African geometric influence in my style and for a thirty six tile series titled “THE AFRICAN LEGEND COLLECTION”.

The original concept of the painting was altered from such peace proposition by two warring faction and explained in Mr. Credo Mutwa’s book “Indaba My Children”.

Apparently carpets like this one and other artefacts was made such as decorated walls on houses and woven skirts or aprons for ladies to reveal a message through this ancient African picture messages and those literate enough to understand those messages.

My peace carpet was compiled to reveal a more recent message in South Africa and would read;

Four little birds of different colours was in conflict driven by the evil snake and there is a great call to stop the racial (colour) conflict from the West to the East and from the North to the South as a hawk is hovering threatening all four colours.”

There is a call to unite all colours so that the bird of light can eat the snake of evil and produce great peace while the evil snake are bond to eternity.

There are more such messages written (painted) on the top and bottom as you must read top to right and then bottom to right of the tile to find the message saying;

We have a soul desire great chief of four colours to unite all colours tribes (races) as you act as peacemaker in healing old conflicts in to a great peace.

This 36 tile collection act as an experiment to provide a large medium through separate equal framed and sized pieces of tiles which could be joined together to form one unit or as in this case also their complete individual units as paintings which may be separately marketed.

Another reason was to produce large paintings of this nature which could be easily segmented for, assembly, maintenance, repairs and transportation in an average sedan.And another reason being in some financial difficulty due to a vehicle accident my canvases run out or a required size and I then resort to utilising some unused tiles in my possession to try out possible new avenues and options in this medium.