(Acrylic-painting on a self prepared canvas from ‘n old T-shirt, 150 mm X 105 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This painting came to mind viewing novel actual pencils which resembled cut branches in a stationary shop whose sharpened ends resembled it being sharpened with a sharp knife.

These cuttings provided the images for the eyes and face I my mind and due to this source I developed it and called it as pencil worms.

The pencil worm is family of the book worm, it edits every mistake the bookworm reads and discovers.

Both these creative worms seem on the brink of extinction due to visual media resort them to coach-potatoes.

May be before the final page nears its end, desperately extinct hands would finally grasp at them for survival and revival so that the bookworms and pencil-worms could be saved with the rest of intelligent life.