(Acrylic-painting on pre-prepared art canvas board, 250 mm X 205 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This painting actually represents the Arabic mythology of the Phoenix, a bird which self-destructs in a nest of flames and are reborn from its ashes. The flames and ashes are depicted on the walls of the chamber which represents those chambers the Egyptians use to build.

The three little birds have their own colours, green, red and blue, to depict the three basic colours we observe flames in nature, red-orange-to-yellow the most, blue when elements such as hydrogen are present and green for other mineral elements. The mother bird consists out of all three colours to represent the fully-grown Rainbow bird as the Phoenix.

The rainbow bird here symbolise the racial diversity of South Africa and that everybody have the same right to live in Africa on an equal basis as represented by those three little birds.

So does mankind stem from the same parents and our genetic material also support this fact and therefore we are only but one rainbow family and we all are Africans as our forefathers at the Cradle of humankind at the valley of ancestors of 48 000 hectares.

This world heritage site produced Mrs. Ples and Ms. Little Foot, fossils of the Australopithecus of approximately 3.3 million years ago at Sterkfontein Caves, currently more than 500 hominid fossils and over 9000 stone tools found as well as over 300 fragments of fossil wood. For more information people can visit the following website dedicated to this area;

According to the source of fossils every human have its roots settled in Africa and therefore have African descendants and Africa is as part of the rest of the world as the world is part of Africa.

There is no reason for one race or culture to dominate or claim life above another as we have the same heritage and forefathers and these facts are symbolised in the Rainbow Bird of this Rainbow Nation.

As a Rainbow Bird of truth which will always reborn itself from the ashes to reveal the truth again even when there is a will to suppress or abuse it, nature do not lie or deceive as it abides by its laws, yet we can not equally say the same of mankind in the face of their brothers and sisters.

There is no African claim by any race by the forefathers as the forefathers are but just the combined human race and specie. Therefore would anybody which call violent action and retribution against others also call it against their forefathers and therefore destroy themselves.

This painting two as explained with the “Holistic GUT Snails” ancient African writing on its top and bottom.


The first frame means “Devine”
The second frame reveals the first stage of reincarnation in the African religion, that of “grass and plant phase”
The third reveals the second reincarnation, the “Tree phase”
The fourth frame reveals the third reincarnation, the “Animal phase”


The first frame reveals the fourth reincarnation, the “Hunan phase”
The second frame reveals the fifth reincarnation, the “Reptile phase”
The third frame reveals the sixth reincarnation, the “Bird phase – but in this case I used the symbol meaning Bird of Light eating the Evil-Snake of Darkness”
The fourth frame reveals the last and seventh reincarnation, the “Star phase”

Many just assume African pray and consult their forefathers but it is much more the same fate as Moses revealed to the Israelites.

They consult their forefathers because if they consult God the Creator directly they would be instantly dead from disrespect.

With the Phoenix as the Rainbow bird and the last reincarnation phase in the African religion of the “Star” there is also no reason for traditional Africans to become party of a Space-nation and contribute to it.

As I said before Africa is part of the world as the world is part of Africa because of human decent then therefore Africa is also equally part of the Space-nation and its pioneering frontier to contribute to it.