(Acrylic-painting on art pre-prepared canvas board, 255 mm X 200 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This is actually a composition of two paintings to develop two different images.

The top half depicts a moving image of an sparrow bird in-flight over a water feature lined both sides by green lanes.

If I must provide more reason to this image must I reveal to produce a moving experimental image of a bird in flight in my geometric style.

The bottom half develops the experimental image of a tortoise on land during the night another experiment that was done in this painting was to utilise darker colours and environments in my geometric design and style.

The little insert of a tortoise figure is again a extract from the ancient African picture writing which mean “Keeper of tribal secrets” and combined to provide some interesting twist to the rather common design in development.