(Acrylic-painting on pre-prepared art canvas board, 250 mm X 205 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

This painting from the first instance reveals the roles fossilised insects in amber played to reveal the historic role insects played with the evolution with life, plants, flowers and other species including mankind.

Amber is nothing more than fossilised tree and plant gum and residue, but insects got caught in this residue and then became fossilised to reveal their historical facts of evolution and roles.

The sting term depicts one such evolutionary phase, those ants to as wasps were well equipped with stings for protection and catching prey.

I out of a pain full experience found such a living specimen of ant in the South African Lowveld near Hoedspruit and this painting since that sting fossilised in my mind to watch the rear of an ant as well as the front. It just may as the bush wise term has two sharp ends than one.

At closer inspection the painting would reward the viewer with some fossilised humour, of a little human figure running around searching for more fossilised clues.

The other figures as the Moon at the tail of the scorpion and diamond and spiral which partly disappear to blend in the background are figures which resemble other fossils which could be found in amber such as pollen and seeds.