(Stone Age hand sculpture, 510 mm X 400 mm, 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

Consist out of the following;

  1. Bone tipped half bend wooden club of the Neanderthal.
  2. A wooden throwing club from the travelling desert nomad,
  3. A talking-sick which traditional was used by the desert nomad a diplomatic instrument similar to a modern public speakers gavel to provided each party handling it the opportunity to express their point and physical call those to order that would interfere with such opportunity.
  4. The last item still to be completed is the desert nomad’s wooden knife.


Although the hand sculpturing was done with hand tools such as saws, files, chefs blow torch, steel brush, sanding paper and a handbill it only served as better and faster original Stone Age methods.

Most of the wood is taken from South African local species, inexpensive cattle bone was used by boiling and preparing it for initial work while fresh.

The original idea behind this artwork was to develop them as props for Stone Age characters for three reasons.

Firstly to analyse these sculptured works for their practical use by my characters in aiding me to write more realistic stories which would support my props.

The second reason was that these sculptured Stone Age props then could be utilised in exhibitions as artworks to promote my story or stories based on them and therefore have the added benefit of promoting the diverse work behind my effort.

The third reason only featured from the experience of actually manufacturing these sculptures provided me with the added benefit of experience the use and techniques that may have been utilised by the Stone Age craftsmen and women to add their crafts also to my stories.

This Stone Age fisherman and his Neanderthal colleague would in my original idea become the travelling companions of my leading character the banished desert nomad.

It would be a story based on the trading, life, crafts, cultures, and travelling between various Stone Age peoples and experiences.

My leading character was from a desert woodland area and only utilised wood and plant material as original tools to hunt and protect him due to the desert was sandy without rocks and large animals to justify extravagant bone and stone tools.

His first experience with bone made tools was with this fisherman and his eccentric Neanderthal oarsman.