(Acrylic-painting on art pre-prepared canvas board, 90 mm X 40 mm (canvas size not framed size), 2008-March, by Jarret H. Clark)

The painting “Vuurvliegie se Predikant” an Afrikaans title meaning “Firefly’s Preacher” was painted along an old Afrikaans song about a frog which wanted to court his girlfriend in the swamp but was so stingy that he wanted to hire a firefly’s light but complained about the price as well as the chaperone.

The frog image could be seen in the diamond shaped face with two large circular yellow and black eyes.

The white tire resembles the protestant movement and the golden cross in middle bottom the catholic movement.

But right in-between there is a lantern with a candle burning at the breast bone of the body representing the position and true spiritual temple of the body where the living Holy Spirit resides according to the description of Moses for the Levite and Jewish priests.

This is the reason why the lantern is supported by the red and golden necklace around the frog’s neck.

The main triangle at the bottom featured two of my Creato Sociological Theory images on either side to represent an ever confusion about the living Holy Spirit and the Temple or which church it must reside in.

This confusion has in the past lead to more wars and persecution amongst followers than between any other enemies they may have had.

Since I constantly being bombarded with other peoples religious views and rules I have painted this painting to reveal why I use the term “The Druid of Centurion” and why I as with Abraham’s king of Salem “Melchizedek”,

Moses’ order of which the Levites was founded and the order of which Jesus was born I Bethlehem, that of being just a plain and downright simple “Gentile” who first above alleles love and serve the Living God of all Creation as the first part of the Greatest Commandment and did He not say “We are what we are” but “I am who I am”.

Are the living Holy Spirit not the tree which bear the fruit of “Good and Evil” and Jesus the tree baring the fruit of the “Everlasting Life” from Paradise?

And are the whole of Creation, Jesus, the living Holy Spirit, the force of Evil included with the heavens, paradise, earth and even hell not all in the body of the Creator or is there still space for something besides one and only Him?

Are any son of God be it in the form of a burning bush, angel, man, woman, child or hand writing on a wall any less than God Himself when rendering their service?

Then there is only one God as with the Greatest Commandment which guide all in the heavens, paradise, earth and all of Creation.

The doorway in the colours of the rainbow represent all the related religious orders that knows the living Holy Spirit as one such unity of respectful “gentile” followers which only have armed them with the lovingly and weapons of truth and armour of love described by Jesus to save lives than to take lives.

My resort to the term “The Druid of Centurion” was done for two fundamental reasons, one so that people could not corner me in some order of church or religion to then prescribe their views and rules as I even with my mother’s ignorant discrimination against others again supported by a collective democracy.

Just like Jesus with his mother and brothers I as an unworthy servant have to resort to His explanation in Matthew 12: verses 46 to 50 and did Luke 17: verse 3 not say watch yourselves and rebuke those who sin and is repentance of sin not changing your ways to good so that I may forgive you?

I will say on that collective and all just democracy as this unworthy servant when you search you scriptures for great people such as Moses, Job, David, Noah, Samson, Jonah, Gideon and Daniel where the collective just majority always so perfect rightful over the unworthy servant?

Then they to when worthy and rightful may throw their first stone in all justification of being so worthy but I must abstain except remain by my principles from such discrimination of race, sex, culture, status and religious belief by the Greatest Commandment of all.

And secondly to allow me to accept all my neighbours which include my entire ancient descendants before Moses and even Abraham right down to the first representation of Adam.

Then and then only can I ad the second part of the Greatest Commandment “I love my neighbour as myself”.

With this message done I can now peacefully rest in all my loving armour and weapons of truth in the living and most perfect Holy Spirit without many left to force me in some order and then prescribing me their views and rules.

I end this painting on its serious note as to asked those who have read this far just to consider the fact that so few ever bothered to listen or understand my standpoint as such individuals than came to me in a collective democracy of justice of rules and dogma.

Yet I see good in the collective when it realised the individual as unworthy as they are on these matters and found itself on such liberal foundations laid by the Greatest Commandment and resort to their individual guidance of the living Holy Spirit as originally order by Jesus and used by those biblical greats I have mentioned before him.

My stance and description is not in total opposition but against what is worthy and which is not and to make all my neighbours on earth from all time understand I support and love them as a “Gentile” according to the Greatest Commandment and no less or with other attachments which are continuously preached to me.

But otherwise this little painting represents freedom individuality and individualism in true spirit as well as much humorous liberty at face value shared with all my neighbours.