Man is only part of the universal creation
therefore Man only have a partial reality.
The empirical senses of the universe are true
as the empirical senses of Man are only partially true.
The study of the universal empirical senses is called dimensionology,
in this way Man will discover the universal senses
and the truth.
Creato is only a partial theory of dimensionology
as it searches for the truth of spiritual interaction
and its senses.
Therefore is dimensionology the study of wisdom
as wisdom is universal
and dimensionology stretches Man’s realities
beyond it self towards the universal reality.
For Man can forever live in Man’s reality
and escape the truth.
Then would Man’s search for truth be futile,
unsuccessful and have incomplete judgement.
Therefore can we not as Man claim justice and the truth.
If we just look beyond the stars and the atom
must we be fooled with partiality
as dimensionology is a holistic science
which sets the pace of others
and holistic philosophy.