33.        MY RED ANT

You my beloved are as a swift spring breeze
which shakes the top of the seedless trees.
You are the one which has awoken my heart
as the leaves which bloom when summer begins.
You are the one whose flower is like the light
which attracts the blind trust of the wary.
You are the one who brought light
to this grey heart.

My hands tremble with your fragileness
which finds its equal in my heart.
The silence which confess from my lips
are screams of joy and commitment.
For I am afraid to utter the trembling words
of my deepest love feelings as even they
in a soft whisper will drive you to flight.

In your hand I now place a dagger
and expose my heart to danger
as I would rather die
than to lose you
and the same accounts to hurt you.

And to have you brush by my leaves
and not pollinate me is like a tree going extinct.
Yet without you I will fall back in decay and despair
as such a summer will bring drought to my heart,
as your breeze brings rain to fertile ground
and it is your tears that strike like Voodoo pins
in my being which loves and trust you.

In my utmost glory and determination
one glance of you could destroy me
in to a meaningless pulp,
as you are my foundation
and the ecstasy from my soul.

How can I ever leave you
and live.
How can I ever be without you
and not wither away.
How can I ever cheat you
and not hang myself,
You have become my life raft
my life saviour,
and my soul-mate.

I love you
and it commits me as life itself.
Take my hand and hold it
as you have taken my soul
and have taken its lonely pain away.