18.        THE ECCENTRIC

Prove the truth of the matter, the latter said;
how can one be better or more centre
than the normal or those we call normal,
how could this all happen without aid?

Yes! it's possible my friend and not in vain,
we find it in the truth, the truth of our world,
moments of time don't lie nor laws of nature.
With such instruments we can prove what the latter said.

We made for ourselves things to hold the world,
we shuffle them in to form, deep at mind.
We share this abstract thought by another,
we then call it safe and feel at home.

The real truth my friend is not abstract,
it's our minds that produce abstract thought.
We have no vastness of mind, only limits,
these form abstract truths to understand.

The centre of the world axis on the truth,
if Man was there it could be no better,
if society were close, they wouldn't need support.
Yet one man can be more centre and still be alone.