13.        THE INVENTOR

With bits of paper or tool,
someone is busy at night.
He is far and still so near
as laughter accompanies his work.

He built a theory from the unknown
and brings the answer to be shown.
They claim by day and sleep by night.
while the inventor works by night
and plays mad by day.

Creativity is not a phenomenon
of modern sanity,
as stagnation is a phenomenon
of the genetic evolution.

For the wise it may make sense
but the controlled normal it is madness.
So leaders of choice
find your place
and make your choice.

The inventor will zest at night,
smiling happily at his plight,
knowing the truth of the worldly power
and that the lesser creator can value Man.

His work preserves life
and human sanity
as he create reality
out of this madhouse,
form the global village.