32.        UNDER THE ROSE

How suddenly I found your thorns next to mine,
as your roots structure in to mine.
How could I've guessed your flower was as mine,
as it takes time to find gold in a mine.

So love, flower of love,
it takes time to grow your arrows of love.
That in my thorny heart, love,
for I nearly gave up on the peaceful dove.
For my pain lies with those in Plato's cave,
so when you came it took time to realise your love.

Now, when you came to shed new light,
I want to treat you righteously as gold dust.
For a fine lady you have become, just as dust.
But your gold lies in your fine values before lust,
in that I can find your trust.

Love, you can't find my value in money,
so you are right, "I don't do it for money".
Yet I do it passionately for love,
As the day you first land on me peaceful dove.
That is why I always stuck by you,
even if you seemed forever lost, was my heart by you.

Why, may you ask, all this inscription?
Well, you are my gold run,
It is my wish to treat you as a lady before this Sun.
I want you to make the choice from your heart,
as I have already declared my part
and I will stand by my committed heart.

Once I know your flower has opened for me,
I will loose this inscribing Bee
and will bring the honey straight to you.
That I can only do when I can find freedom in you.
I need your flower to bloom in perfection,
for I need to flower in the same perfection.

It is in this perfection I can spawn seed
and I don't care if there is another's pod of seed.
I will care for it as if it is mine, with the same need.
My rose, I know your time may be short for the deed,
so find the little value on this Bee's inscribing feet.

I am committed to you and I know your pain.
It brings sometimes my tears like rain.
I seek your freedom blooms not in vain,
therefore from this crazy character, I hope I'm sane,
when I send my Bee to keep away the rain.

You have much value to undercover,
that is not just by my love,
but as your friend to lover.
I've decided to try to lift your cover,
so that the Sun may shine on your flower.
I can just hope my distant silence will soon be over.

How rose, how I wish to bring you colour,
how I wish I can talk your language every hour.
How I wish I could hold you free from cover,
how I wish to find that cultural flower.
How I wish just to love this flower.