67. ELNA

My Saint Elmo’s fire
And smiling breeze
Who love to tease,
Holding the world at ease,
Yet in your heart there is a freeze.

The world owes you more
And your love is more than the mind
As the material diamond.
It is the love of passion
And constant romance.

The emotional world will heal you
As the material world will keep you hungry.
You need to be treated,
To be cuddled and touched,
Yet not be judged.

Your loyalty is to constant love,
Yet freedom of body and mind.
You are unconditional love,
It blinds you to this world
To see true love.

But do not lose this quality
By not warming the freeze
As the world is mostly cold
And only a true person can warm you
Like Jesus, he may be concealed in poverty.
Just follow your spiritual heart
For in the physical mind and world we end in death.