FOREWORD                                                                                                              V.

The space age came too late for Field Marshal Jan C. Smuts who, for his global views, I call the first global citizen. We as mankind have not yet built our first permanent space station but the foresight of men such as the Field Marshal has given us the diplomatic stepping-stones. We need to build on these stones with a new foresight in accordance to this great tradition.

Other lesser continents like Africa need a dream, which can reach its peoples. It must be comprehensive yet simple in construction and include all peoples. This African Dream should not be for a few intellectuals and diplomats it should reach the people on the street and they should be all part of it. Democracy can be a sickness if we cannot include minorities and individuals, as one majority can discriminate between races, religions and individuals. We should not determine our political paths out of sympathy and loyalty to politicians or political parties but on sound principals of our individual study.

We need individually to educate ourselves politically not only on a local basis but a global one. The laws of nature, including human nature is not on a Western, Asian or African basis. It is on a universal and at our stage a global basis. Therefore should Africans not lose sight on the African continent itself or in their own determination. Mankind is a global nation and ready for its exodus to a space nation.

This space nation will leave Pan Africanism behind as a historic and wilderness destination if we are not careful. We are one global family, which yearns for one common goal and that of the gardeners of space of a new Eden. Let the poets and songwriters write of the new exodus as they lead us in to this new world.