68. LIFE

How I love the swirling mist
It is the cover of new life
From the deep darkness
To the wet white light.

Repentant do some listen to the foghorn
Holding onto the old if it is the only gold,
To me life is as the misty fog
A New World, a new beginning.

Slowly the stars appear from this foggy fear
And born into solitude is the vastness of space,
Liberty for the souls of this world
As they view the dot around the star called Earth,
To realize the world is all other creation
Than one globe, race or nation.
My eyes ration this reason to a new season.

The moody tides of the ocean comes in
As the water claims new ground
The old was washed away
To the deepness of the old ocean.
As in the human veins pump
The same elements of water and earth
Like a small sea my heart longs to see.

From the ancient land and foothold
I view the oceans, stars and mist
As they passed my body and home, I rest
For in their combined zest
I find not the reason of life lost.
Their creativity brings love and hope
To this young heart and old fingers
As my ink mystify new lovely hope.