18.      RELIGION

As long as there’s man there’s faith
And as long as there’s a body there’s Man,
And as long as it has a soul and spirit it’s is its own spirit.
Therefore does religion not belong to Man
As religion is beyond the body of Man
And is religion more than faith
As faith is Man.

For Man knows only birth, life and death
And the real children of the Creator
Knows what’s beyond Man.
Therefore is their religion
Neither body or soul, but in the spirit
And shall they not distinguish
Between bodies and souls
As religion is love
Can it only distinguish
Between a spirits love.
Those that love
And those that don’t,
As love is not Man
But of the spirit and the Creator.

Therefore must Man
With religion
Move beyond the body
To a body of love
This is the domain
Of the Creator’s children,
As all the religions of love
Can in the end
Only be the religion of love,
As the Creator is love.
Therefore only one love
And one eternity.