To the affectionate it exist
And those that hurt it won’t.
The wise know but they are few,
That a friend is like morning dew.

But a true friend is no fool,
For you can find two on a stool.
One plays the fool and manipulates so cool,
Moulding an easy life for another fool.

They have only one desire
To build a selfish empire
And inside it you will find dungeons
For the smaller pigeons.

A real friend is a legend,
To strong for mankind to tell
Of a journey of fire and hell
As the son of William Tell.

He will give his value to engagement
And when he sees it, tears will fell.
He knows the principles of pain would tell
When the truth is real or a false bell.

When you see it, it would not just ring the bell
Of one who loves you through fire and hell.
For one who gives his life
Has no right to be a fool.