Globalization is the buzzword of the new frontier
Lost in history is our little rear
As we keep our eyes focused on the dark starry space
We bring equality and rights to our individual race.

With democratic politics we paint our face
As we confuse the diplomacy for a sporty race
Where different sides compete for a lost case,
Has the first to third world not its own taste?

But a global dot
Has its own holistic taste
Not to be confused
By smaller worlds
Who position their own
Interests of hate
As they see their own
Difference as a soul world.

Is this not the case of democracy
That in its drive for equality and individual rights?
Then is it clear that the individual equally
Is a unit as the one holistic world
This has the same right of taste.

Then why do I taste different worlds of hate?
Either I taste one development
Or taste one of complacency
But to hide behind borders
Brings-forth hidden agendas.