95.            COLONEL PUSO T’LADI

I can recall you had a brother,
Lefifi T’Ladi who was a poet
And lived in one of those Nordic countries
Who visit South Africa regularly
And had friends in Mamelodi.
I recall you were the minister’s spokesman
And you could trust me enough
To propose me as speech writer
For your office at the Secretariat
This was a great honour.
But it had spooks
Those in cloak and dagger
Who warned me clearly
They will be talking to a dead man
And hope they do not get the contract.
My opposition did their job
And the proposal was disapproved
As to be to junior for the post.
I was may be to apolitical
For the political they
Were not sure if I was an ANC member
For them you had to be on some side
What of being independent
And a true soldier
One that want to help people.
A global soldier.
A soldier of Man.
I can carry your flag.
Present arms
And in my hand is a pen.