21.            COMMUNITY GROUPS

We know the community cares
In their tri-apartheid fares,
One is the professional group
Two is the family support
Three is friends and employees.
They form national and local bodies
Which affiliate internationally.

They know our outer world
As they master the norm
From which they give form
To our behaviour storm.
They want the best lives
For themselves
And what they perceive is ours.

Everybody suffers
But only the patient has the real problem
An inner world others can not dictate
An inner world the norm fears
For here they are alone
Away from the democratic clone.

So the community must know
That their wisdom crow
Is from their imperfect world
That still must discover the truth
And only their efforts are appreciated
And not their professional complacency.

For we must live with the problem
And we can not wait
To leave our hands to their fate.
The road back
As remedial recovery
Is in our hands
It is our right to self determination
And to guide the community.

To our needs and reality,
To be a constructive part
Of their family
Without their democratic dictatorship
On theories and guesses.

We must work jointly
As a complete party
Of this joint family
Called Man.