We may be insured
But how are we insured?
Do you have disability cover
Or do you go undercover
Until the mentally ill devils get you naked
Without a cent you are bone
Mentally ill in this capitalistic life.
If you are one of the lucky ones
Who provided for disability insurance
I can assure you, you are in for a fight.
How can a mentally disabled
Fight for his or her cause and win?
You are supposed to be disabled and sick
Than to have above normal skills
To address your needs.
And if you are lucky to be of the less fewer ones
You will find yourself stuck in the mental ruins
That when you want to heal yourself over time
With your newly acquired treasure.
The road back is costly for everybody
And yet they will warn you
Your disability is permanently awarded.
How can they deny a cure
And leave us permanently insane?
It is time we work to get a better life.