36.            FRAIL-CARE WORKSHOP

It is not also the development
Of the mentally ill during their lives
But those who become ill at old age
Yet the younger mentally ill needs care
You know that they will be cared for
When their current carerers is not around anymore.
Firstly is the knowledge of permanent residence
And the subsistence to keep their wellbeing
The medical care is not only their concern
But that of friends, family and the community.
Yet they need every bodies loving care
And most of all understanding they are human
And have their own rights and identity.
They also need recreation and structure
To keep them well and functional
And the security of financial independence.
Yet their security lies in younger hands
Even if they are still capable and young
And we with them must plan
And build a future of well being.
But nothing starts without us
But in the hands of our kind
Family, friends and professional carerers.