68.       FRED

Remember when I turned my back on you
And did not want to see you?
It was because you did not believe in me,
I felt deserted as the child I once was
Whose father was forever on the road.
I had grown up since and have accepted it
That you must rely on your own life.
I remember stories of Great Grandfather Muller
Who was on commando with General Jan Smuts
And who later acted as his double at political meetings.
I remember Grandfather Bill Clark
Who told me how they traded cattle
And how interesting General Jan Smuts was.
I have learned form my grandfather
How to respect all people and their ways,
As he once said;
“You can’t take somebody’s religion away
And leave them in a void.”
As his son once said to me in a psychotic state;
“Your God is not my God.”
All I can say is that
There can be but one Creator,
Love Him above everything
And love your neighbour like yourself.
So remember I love you too.