8.         HALF DEAD

Things are not the same any more
There is no reason at this living door
And my will for suicide is poor.
But I will face danger more and more
This volunteers is already half dead
As they want to keep him alive
So that others can read his deeds.

“You are safe inside”, the commander said.
“I am replaceable”, he replied,
As he wonders about the minds function
Over his love one’s commotion.
How they feed his mind chemicals
This nearly killed both him and a colleague
In a driving tour through the Transkei.

The brain manufactures those chemicals it self
So has its program not been altered
Should it not be redressed
Through an inner and deep psychology?
Is the doctor’s bill not to high
To claim it on their fuzzy reason?
Should remedial psychology not also function
In the time healing combination?

What element of life reads the cell
And what intelligence decodes the genes?
Is that intelligence not our source
And can it not reprogram the function
Which has altered in emotional pain?
For we are in control of our body
The instruments of healing and change
Is on our inner hands.

Little is known about this control
And so much about harmful chemicals
Whose long-term mutations are unknown.
To stabilize is a fine reason for now
But love’s medicine needs to be rediscovered
Without professional discrimination.

The forefathers of psychiatry
Made holes in their patients heads
To let the evil spirits out
Then later some made lobotomies
And in the future with time
They may look the same again
If they do not consider a fair holistic option.