4.            HALLUCINATION

There is no greater doubt
Than a proven hallucination
For now you even doubt the truth
You search facts to make sense
But even these facts can haunt you
Like the tears in my friends’ eyes,
Red and worried they look at my cause
But when I confront them about it
They deny they are crying
Yet I can see those red tearful eyes
You reason they keep their dignity
As they mourn your possible death
So do others sense their own
But are equally destroyed
When discovering a lost sense.
We live to confident of ourselves
Only when you have to test the truth
Do you become aware of your weakness
In understanding our inner world
And the living dream we are made off
For all we sense out there come from with in
An so we share with others
That is common to our inner worlds
In the dimensions of our consciousness
If it is in our dreams were we create reality
As if we live in the dreams of our Creator
And reality is only how strong and common our dreams are
Hence in faith you can move mountains
Therefore it is in our faith
That we will evolve
Or stay the same.
That is why we should test our faith in our selves and in others
To unite them with our Creator’s
One may be just a leaf
Another may be the branch
Together we make the tree.
So do not fear hallucinations
Just know them for what they are
An inner dream world which want to create it self
Yet you must remain in control
And know the worlds you live in
Do not confuse them as one world.