The snake’s mate has betrayed me again
And now you with your gold want to sooth me
After you have gone on like a parrot
But my heart cry, beware it is again, Judas!

You hide yourself modest behind King Constantine
But of the past you seen little
Like I can see people’s handiwork
Which merely believe over an old man’s body.

There is life but not in the flesh
Because it already was in Man’s hands
I don’t just trust in another’s spirit
If I just read prescribed principles.

But shortly on earth is the Man
And the child thinks he has already mastered it
Why therefore the Master,
Do you stand for what you have mastered
Alone in your wisdom pantry.

How can I believe in others’ borders
If they can not explain
That which I believe in is reasonable
And now further must cry in hell.

Forget it princess
Like that you won’t solve my thirst
How can I again allow you to destroy me
And to present the wonderful Judas principle.