The day I really met you
Was the day you told me
The Chief of the Defence Force
Have personal asked
The staffs of the Air Force
To calm down.
It was because
Of an article on the ACE
An experimental aircraft
This caused great debate.
It placed me on the list
Of the least desirables
As they did everything
To frustrate me.
This was an editorial mistake
We only want to give the facts
And made no comparisons
So that the technology
Can find foreign markets.
We all have skeletons in the closed
But the Red Baron moved on
As a director of CION security
And became a paratrooper
At his tender age.
He once had a parachute made
With the COIN logo
Which I had to photograph in Harare
I had no chance
In its first deployment
He had to cut away.
But I remember him
For the men who stood up for me.